Zhongfu Ye

According to our database1, Zhongfu Ye authored at least 79 papers between 2003 and 2019.

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Sparse Bayesian learning for off-grid DOA estimation with Gaussian mixture priors when both circular and non-circular sources coexist.
Signal Processing, 2019

Constrained ALS-based tensor blind receivers for multi-user MIMO systems.
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Covariance Matrix Reconstruction via Residual Noise Elimination and Interference Powers Estimation for Robust Adaptive Beamforming.
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Supervised single-channel speech dereverberation and denoising using a two-stage model based sparse representation.
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Sparse Bayesian learning for off-grid DOA estimation with nested arrays.
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Off-Grid DOA Estimation Aiding Virtual Extension of Coprime Arrays Exploiting Fourth Order Difference Co-Array With Interpolation.
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Interpolating Coprime Arrays With Translocated and Axis Rotated Compressed Subarrays by Iterative Power Factorization for DOA Estimation.
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A Speech Enhancement System for Automotive Speech Recognition with a Hybrid Voice Activity Detection Method.
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A Front-End Speech Enhancement System for Robust Automotive Speech Recognition.
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Supplementations to the Higher Order Subspace Algorithm for Suppression of Spatially Colored Noise.
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Data fusion over localized sensor networks for parallel waveform enhancement based on 3-D tensor representations.
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Effective subset approach for SVMpath singularities.
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Locally controlled as-rigid-as-possible deformation for 2D characters.
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A rank-reduction based 2-D DOA estimation algorithm for three parallel uniform linear arrays.
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Widely linear minimum dispersion beamforming for sub-Gaussian noncircular signals.
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Continuous sign language recognition using level building based on fast hidden Markov model.
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LID-senone Extraction via Deep Neural Networks for End-to-End Language Identification.
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Robust widely linear beamforming based on spatial spectrum of noncircularity coefficient.
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DOA estimation for wideband signals based on sparse signal reconstruction using prolate spheroidal wave functions.
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An Isolated Sign Language Recognition System Using RGB-D Sensor with Sparse Coding.
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