Abdella Battou

According to our database1, Abdella Battou authored at least 25 papers between 1994 and 2020.

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Workshop on Machine Learning for Optical Communication Systems: A Summary.
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Optimal Cybersecurity Investments for SIS Model.
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Performance evaluation of a NDN forwarder using statistical model checking.
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Performance Evaluation of the NDN Data Plane Using Statistical Model Checking.
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Towards evaluating Named Data Networking for the IoT: A framework for OMNeT++.
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Formal definition of edge computing: An emphasis on mobile cloud and IoT composition.
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Dynamic Network Model for Smart City Data-Loss Resilience Case Study: City-to-City Network for Crime Analytics.
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Cloud Security Automation Framework.
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A network measurement framework for named data networks.
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NDN-trace: a path tracing utility for named data networking.
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SEAN for Modeling and Simulating ATM Signaling.
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A control plane for wavelength routing networks.
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