Alexander Kipp

According to our database1, Alexander Kipp authored at least 32 papers between 2005 and 2015.

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Increased flexibility and dynamics in distributed applications and processes through resource decoupling.
PhD thesis, 2015

Energy-Aware Provisioning of HPC Services through Virtualised Web Services.
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Applying green metrics to optimise the energy consumption footprint of IT service centres.
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Layered Green Performance Indicators.
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OPTIMIS: A holistic approach to cloud service provisioning.
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Setting Energy Efficiency Goals in Data Centers: The GAMES Approach.
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Usage centric green performance indicators.
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Energy Aware Dynamic Resource Consolidation Algorithm for Virtualized Service Centers Based on Reinforcement Learning.
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Approach towards an energy-aware and energy-efficient high performance computing environment.
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Green Metrics for Energy-aware IT Systems.
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Drug Living Lab - Supply Chain Security and Control.
Proceedings of the Accelerating Global Supply Chains with IT-Innovation, 2011

Value Assessment of Business-to-Government IT Innovations: The Case of e-Customs.
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Evaluating IT innovations in a business-to-government context: A framework and its applications.
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Managing the process of channel alignment: Model-driven strategy development in a multinational corporation.
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Dynamic Service Encapsulation.
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Principles of Service Oriented Operating Systems.
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eGovernment Project Evaluation: An Integrated Framework.
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IT Mega Projects: What They Are and Why They Are Special.
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Facilitating Standardization through Living Labs - The Example of Drug Counterfeiting.
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Realizing Context Aware Collaborations Using Grids.
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A Secure Infrastructure for Dynamic Collaborative Working Environments.
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Managing the Process of Multi Channel Alignment - The Case of a Large Multinational Corporation.
Proceedings of the 20th Bled eConference: eMergence: Merging and Emerging Technologies, 2007

Exploiting Locality in SLAM by Nested Dissection.
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A Multifrontal QR Factorization Approach to Distributed Inference Applied to Multirobot Localization and Mapping.
Proceedings of the Proceedings, 2005