Ali E. Abbas

According to our database1, Ali E. Abbas authored at least 51 papers between 2003 and 2021.

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The value of information for price dependent demand.
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Archimedean Utility Copulas with Polynomial Generating Functions.
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Valuing the Option to Delay in Engineering Management: A Case Study.
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From the Editors - Brainstorming, Multiplicative Utilities, Partial Information on Probabilities or Outcomes, and Regulatory Focus.
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One-Switch Independence for Multiattribute Utility Functions.
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From the Editors - Probability Scoring Rules, Ambiguity, Multiattribute Terrorist Utility, and Sensitivity Analysis.
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Decomposing the Cross Derivatives of a Multiattribute Utility Function into Risk Attitude and Value.
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Assessing Joint Distributions with Isoprobability Contours.
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From the Editors...
Decis. Anal., 2010

Measuring Risk Aversion in a Name-Your-Own-Price Channel.
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The Role of Some Functional Equations in Decision Analysis.
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Multiattribute Utility Copulas.
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An information theory for preferences
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The Algebra of Utility Inference
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