Anatoli B. Juditsky

According to our database1, Anatoli B. Juditsky authored at least 36 papers between 1993 and 2020.

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Convex Recovery of Marked Spatio-Temporal Point Processes.
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Unifying mirror descent and dual averaging.
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Algorithms of Robust Stochastic Optimization Based on Mirror Descent Method.
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Signal Recovery by Stochastic Optimization.
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Decomposition Techniques for Bilinear Saddle Point Problems and Variational Inequalities with Affine Monotone Operators.
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Solving variational inequalities with monotone operators on domains given by Linear Minimization Oracles.
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Structure-Blind Signal Recovery.
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On sequential hypotheses testing via convex optimization.
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Adaptive Recovery of Signals by Convex Optimization.
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Sparse non Gaussian component analysis by semidefinite programming.
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Mirror Prox Algorithm for Multi-Term Composite Minimization and Alternating Directions.
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On unified view of nullspace-type conditions for recoveries associated with general sparsity structures
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A New Algorithm for Estimating the Effective Dimension-Reduction Subspace.
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Remark on "Recursive Aggregation of Estimators by the Mirror Descent Algorithm with Averaging" published in Probl. Peredachi Inf., 2005, no. 4.
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Recursive Aggregation of Estimators by the Mirror Descent Algorithm with Averaging.
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An algorithm for tracking a random walk with unknown drift.
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Accelerated Stochastic Approximation.
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