Ahmed Ghoneim

According to our database1, Ahmed Ghoneim authored at least 59 papers between 2002 and 2021.

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An Efficient Spam Detection Technique for IoT Devices Using Machine Learning.
IEEE Trans. Ind. Informatics, 2021

An Enhanced Ant Colony Optimization Based Algorithm to Solve QoS-Aware Web Service Composition.
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IF-RANs: Intelligent Traffic Prediction and Cognitive Caching toward Fog-Computing-Based Radio Access Networks.
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Energy-Aware Green Adversary Model for Cyberphysical Security in Industrial System.
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Smart Autonomous Moving Platforms.
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Blockchain and AI-Based Natural Gas Industrial IoT System: Architecture and Design Issues.
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A novel and dependable image steganography model for strengthening the security of cloud storage.
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Intelligent task prediction and computation offloading based on mobile-edge cloud computing.
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Machine learning for assisting cervical cancer diagnosis: An ensemble approach.
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Cervical cancer classification using convolutional neural networks and extreme learning machines.
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MEMO Box: Health Assistant for Depression With Medicine Carrier and Exercise Adjustment Driven by Edge Computing.
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COCME: Content-Oriented Caching on the Mobile Edge for Wireless Communications.
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Artificial-Intelligence-Based Data Analytics for Cognitive Communication in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks.
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Emotion-Aware Multimedia Systems Security.
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Recurrent convolutional neural network based multimodal disease risk prediction.
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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Improve Voice Disorder Identification Through the Use of a Reliable Mobile App.
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Dysphonia Detection Index (DDI): A New Multi-Parametric Marker to Evaluate Voice Quality.
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Cognitive and Hierarchical Fuzzy Inference System for Generating Next Release Planning in SaaS Applications.
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RADB: Random Access with Differentiated Barring for Latency-Constrained Applications in NB-IoT Network.
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Medical Image Forgery Detection for Smart Healthcare.
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A Facial-Expression Monitoring System for Improved Healthcare in Smart Cities.
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Handover Performance of Unstable-Yaw Stratospheric High-Altitude Stations.
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Software defined healthcare networks.
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