Atsushi Takahara

According to our database1, Atsushi Takahara authored at least 44 papers between 1988 and 2020.

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Complex Network Representation of the Structure-Mechanical Property Relationships in Elastomers with Heterogeneous Connectivity.
Patterns, 2020

An Efficient Safety Confirmation Method Using Image Database in Multiple-MDRU-Based Disaster Recovery Network.
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Effectively Collecting Data for the Location-Based Authentication in Internet of Things.
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Reliability evaluation for NFV deployment of future mobile broadband networks.
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A novel access control scheme to construct fresh database of ambient information in Internet of Things.
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A Failure-Tolerant and Spectrum-Efficient Wireless Data Center Network Design for Improving Performance of Big Data Mining.
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Software-defined, virtualized networking and beyond 100G.
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Ad-hoc photonic network based on movable and deployable ICT resource unit to meet rapidly changing service demands.
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A Power-Aware Air Interface Scheduling Scheme for Improving Network Connectivity in Solar Powered Wireless Mesh Networks.
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ASP-DAC 2015 keynote speech II programmable network.
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A Spectrum- and Energy-Efficient Scheme for Improving the Utilization of MDRU-Based Disaster Resilient Networks.
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An Overlay-Based Data Mining Architecture Tolerant to Physical Network Disruptions.
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THUP: A P2P Network Robust to Churn and DoS Attack Based on Bimodal Degree Distribution.
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Emerging technologies in communications.
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Beyond 4K: 8K 60p live video streaming to multiple sites.
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A novel network node architecture for high performance and function flexibility.
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PROTEUS-Lite project: dedicated to developing a telecommunication-oriented FPGA and its applications.
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Transmutable Telecom System and Its Application.
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A Transmutable Telecom System.
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More Wires and Fewer LUTs: A Design Methodology for FPGAs.
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An Architecture-oriented Routing Method for FPGAs Having Rich Hierarchical Routing Resources.
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Co-evaluation of FPGA architectures and the CAD system for telecommunication.
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BDDs vs. Zero-Suppressed BDDs: for CTL Symbolic Model Checking of Petri Nets.
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A higher level hardware design verification.
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