Takahiro Murooka

According to our database1, Takahiro Murooka authored at least 18 papers between 1997 and 2011.

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Beyond 4K: 8K 60p live video streaming to multiple sites.
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A Study on the Correlation between QoE of 4K Super High Definition Video Streamings and QoS of Network.
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Network Processor for High-Speed Network and Quick Programming.
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International real-time streaming of 4K digital cinema.
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Real-time packet editing using reconfigurable hardware for active networking.
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A novel network node architecture for high performance and function flexibility.
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PROTEUS-Lite project: dedicated to developing a telecommunication-oriented FPGA and its applications.
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Virtual BUS: A Network Technology for Setting up Distributed Resources in Your Own Computer.
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Protocol Stack-Based Telecom-Emulator.
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Why a CAD-Verified FPGA Makes Routing so Simple and Fast! A Result of Co-Designing FPGAs and CAD Algorithms.
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