B. Gopinath

According to our database1, B. Gopinath authored at least 21 papers between 1979 and 2010.

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IEEE Fellow

IEEE Fellow 1991, "For contributions to the modeling and analysis of communication systems.".



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Majority voting based classification of thyroid carcinoma.
Proceedings of the International Conference and Exhibition on Biometrics Technology, 2010

Classification of Thyroid Carcinoma in FNAB Cytological Microscopic Images.
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A Miss History-based Architecture for Cache Prefetching
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Optimal Versioning of Objects.
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On optimal signal sets for digital communications with finite precision and amplitude constraints.
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A Formal Description of the IC* Model of Parallel Computation.
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Foundations of concurrency among objects.
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Multichannel signal processing for data communications in the presence of crosstalk.
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Using universe knowledge and arithmetic to get faster parallel algorithms.
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A File Transfer System for Scheduling File Transfers in the Bell Labs Network.
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Coefficient inaccuracy in FIR filters.
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