Kenneth Steiglitz

According to our database1, Kenneth Steiglitz authored at least 76 papers between 1965 and 2012.

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  • Dijkstra number2 of four.
  • Erdős number3 of two.


ACM Fellow

ACM Fellow 1997, "For advancing the fields of signal processing, control theory, computer music, and combinatorial optimization from a computer science perspective.".



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Analyzing and simulating fracture patterns of theran wall paintings.
JOCCH, 2012

Analyzing Fracture Patterns in TheranWall Paintings.
Proceedings of the VAST 2010: The 11th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, 2010

Computing with Solitons.
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Frugality in path auctions.
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When Can Solitons Compute?
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A digital signal processing primer - with applications to digital audio and computer music.
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A Comparison Study of Heuristics for Mapping Parallel Algorithms to Message-passing Multiprocessors.
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Usage-Based Pricing of Packet Data Generated by a Heterogeneous User Population.
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A comparison of techniques used for mapping parallel algorithms to message-passing multiprocessors.
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FAST: A Functional Algoritm Simulation Testbed.
Proceedings of the MASCOTS '94, Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation On Computer and Telecommunication Systems, January 31, 1994

Reconfigurability and Reliability of Systolic/Wavefront Arrays.
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Maintaining bipartite matchings in the presence of failures.
Networks, 1993

Two-Dimensional FHP Lattice Gases Are Computation Universal.
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Error detection in arrays via dependency graphs.
VLSI Signal Processing, 1992

METEOR: a constraint-based FIR filter design program.
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Maximizing the output energy of a linear channel with a time- and amplitude-limited input.
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Suppression of Near- and Far-End Crosstalk by Linear Pre- and Post-Filtering.
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Testing Parallel Simulators for Two-Dimensional Lattice-Gas Automata.
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Explicit construction for reliable reconfigurable array architectures.
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Bubbles can make self-timed pipelines fast.
VLSI Signal Processing, 1990

Bounds on maximum throughput for digital communications with finite-precision and amplitude constraints.
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Multichannel signal processing for data communications in the presence of crosstalk.
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An Upper Bound on Expected Clock Skew in Synchronous Systems.
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A Semiring on Convex Polygons and Zero-Sum Cycle Problems.
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Embedding Computation in One-Dimensional Automata by Phase Coding Solitons.
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Planarity testing of doubly periodic infinite graphs.
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Performance of VLSI Engines for Lattice Computations.
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Testing for Cycles in Infinite Graphs with Periodic Structure (Extended Abstract)
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Optimization of one-bit full adders embedded in regular structures.
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Testability Conditions for Bilateral Arrays of Combinational Cells.
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A fast tally structure and applications to signal processing.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, 1984

A VLSI Layout for a Pipelined Dadda Multiplier
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Unifying VLSI Array Designs with Geometric Transformations.
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Design of FIR filters with flatness constraints.
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Optimal choice of intermediate latching to maximize throughput in VLSI circuits.
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Combinatorial Optimization: Algorithms and Complexity
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Some Complexity Results in the Design of Deadlock-Free Packet Switching Networks.
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Synthesis of timbral families by warped linear prediction.
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Some intractable problems in digital signal processing.
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Some experiments with the pathological linear programs of N. Zadeh.
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Some Examples of Difficult Traveling Salesman Problems.
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Implementation of a pole-zero analysis - synthesis system for speech.
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On the Complexity of Local Search for the Traveling Salesman Problem.
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A Fast Error Evaluation Algorithm for Polynomial Approximation.
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Towards Improved Analysis-Synthesis Using Cepstral and Pole-Zero Techniques.
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Some Complexity Results for the Traveling Salesman Problem
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A pattern classification algorithm for the voiced/Unvoiced decision.
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Evaluating Polynomials at Fixed Sets of Points.
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Exact, Approximate, and Guaranteed Accuracy Algorithms for the Flow-Shop Problem n/2/F/\bar F.
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Using Circulant Markov Chains to Generate Waveforms for Music.
Proceedings of the 1975 International Computer Music Conference, 1975

Characterization and Theoretical Comparison of Branch-and-Bound Algorithms for Permutation Problems.
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Heuristic-Programming Solution of a Flowshop-Scheduling Problem.
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Randomized Pattern Search.
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The Expression of Algorithms by Charts.
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Optimal Design of Offshore Natural-Gas Pipeline Systems.
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Series expansion of wide-sense stationary random processes.
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Transmission of an analog signal over a fixed bit-rate channel.
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Encoding of analog signals for binary symmetric channels.
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The Equivalence of Digital and Analog Signal Processing
Information and Control, October, 1965