Benjamin Aziz

According to our database1, Benjamin Aziz
  • authored at least 66 papers between 2000 and 2018.
  • has a "Dijkstra number"2 of four.



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Towards a mutation analysis of IoT protocols.
Information & Software Technology, 2018

Towards open data-driven evaluation of access control policies.
Computer Standards & Interfaces, 2018

Optimisation Methods for Fast Restoration of Software-Defined Networks.
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Finding most reliable paths for software defined networks.
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New Computing Model for Securing Mobile Agents in IP Networks.
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Enhancing IoT Security and Privacy with Distributed Ledgers - A Position Paper - .
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Internet of Things, 2017

Virtual topology partitioning towards an efficient failure recovery of software defined networks.
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An Incremental B-Model for RBAC-Controlled Electronic Marking System.
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A formal model and analysis of an IoT protocol.
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A Utility-Based Reputation Model for the Internet of Things.
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Check Your Blind Spot: A New Cyber-Security Metric for Measuring Incident Response Readiness.
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Privacy-enhancing Federated Middleware for the Internet of Things.
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Search-Based SQL Injection Attacks Testing Using Genetic Programming.
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A Temporal Blockchain: A Formal Analysis.
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OAuthing: Privacy-enhancing federation for the Internet of Things.
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Privacy Aware on-Demand Resource Provisioning for IoT Data Processing.
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Web API Management Meets the Internet of Things.
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Goal-Oriented Requirement Engineering Support for Business Continuity Planning.
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Incremental Development of RBAC-Controlled E-Marking System Using the B Method.
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Enforcing Reputation Constraints on Business Process Workflows.
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Modelling and refinement of forensic data acquisition specifications.
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A Formal Model for Forensic Storage Media Preparation Tools.
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A Formal Model and Analysis of the MQ Telemetry Transport Protocol.
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A Framework for Digital Forensics and Investigations: The Goal-Driven Approach.
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A study on the false positive rate of Stegdetect.
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On Formalising Policy Refinement in Grid Virtual Organisations.
Proceedings of the Software Engineering Research, 2013

Single-mismatch 2LSB embedding steganography.
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Using a Goal-Driven Approach in the Investigation of a Questioned Contract.
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Reputation-Controlled Business Process Workflows.
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An Algorithm for Trading Grid Resources in a Virtual Marketplace.
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Correcting a Delegation Protocol for Grids.
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An Autonomic Security Monitor for Distributed Operating Systems - (Invited Paper).
Proceedings of the Towards a Service-Based Internet - 4th European Conference, 2011

Model-Based Refinement of Security Policies in Collaborative Virtual Organisations.
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Reputation management in collaborative computing systems.
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Management of Security Policies in Virtual Organisations.
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An Event-B Approach to Data Sharing Agreements.
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A Secure and Scalable Grid-Based Content Management System.
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Configuring storage-area networks using mandatory security.
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Detecting Man-in-the-Middle Attacks by Precise Timing.
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From Goal-Oriented Requirements to Event-B Specifications.
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On Usage Control in Data Grids.
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