Bin Shen

According to our database1, Bin Shen authored at least 62 papers between 2003 and 2019.

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Inventory Management in Mass Customization Operations: A Review.
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Universal knowledge discovery from big data using combined dual-cycle.
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Selling luxury fashion to conspicuous consumers in the presence of discount sensitivity behavior.
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A comparative study of low-complexity MMSE signal detection for massive MIMO systems.
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Distributed State Estimation for Networked Spacecraft Thermal Experiments Over Sensor Networks With Randomly Varying Transmission Delays.
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Uncertainty Estimation for Strong-Noise Data.
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BCMLP: Binary-Connected Multilayer Perceptrons.
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Market disruptions in supply chains: a review of operational models.
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Chip rate and pseudo-noise sequence estimation for direct sequence spread spectrum signals.
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N-diagnosability for active on-line diagnosis in discrete event systems.
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Forecast Information Sharing for Managing Supply Chains in the Big Data Era: Recent Development and Future Research.
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An LTE-U coexistence scheme based on cognitive channel switching and adaptive muting strategy.
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Design outsourcing in the fashion supply chain: OEM versus ODM.
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Design and Development of Intelligent Decision Support Prototype System for Social Media Competitive Analysis in Fashion Industry.
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Sustainability investment under cap-and-trade regulation.
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A system of systems framework for sustainable fashion supply chain management in the big data era.
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A Framework for Mining Actionable Navigation Patterns from In-Store RFID Datasets via Indoor Mapping.
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Service supply chain management: A review of operational models.
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Resource availability-aware advance reservation for parallel jobs with deadlines.
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Hierarchical Semi-Supervised Factorization for Learning the Semantics.
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Explaining prices by linking data: A pilot study on spatial regression analysis of apartment rents.
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Research of Intelligent Gas Perception Instrument Based on NDIR and RF Communication Technology.
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Coal Mine Gas Wireless Monitoring System Based on WSNs.
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Contribution based cooperative spectrum sensing against malfunction nodes in cognitive radio networks.
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A Study of MAC Protocols for WBANs.
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[18F]FTC-146: A novel and highly selective PET ligand for visualizing sigma-1 receptors in living subjects.
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On the implant communication and MAC protocols for WBAN.
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Linear quadrature optimisation-based non-coherent time of arrival estimation scheme for impulse radio ultra-wideband systems.
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Pure statistical indoor pathloss model.
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Improving the Quality of 3D-QSAR by Using Flexible-Ligand Receptor Models.
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A SLA-aware Architecture for Manufacturing Grid Resource Management.
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