Chandan Mazumdar

According to our database1, Chandan Mazumdar authored at least 46 papers between 1984 and 2022.

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A risk-based methodology for privacy requirements elicitation and control selection.
Secur. Priv., 2022

Clustering-Based Semi-supervised Technique for Credit Card Fraud Detection.
Proceedings of the Computational Intelligence in Communications and Business Analytics, 2022

Towards an Ontology for Enterprise Level Information Security Policy Analysis.
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy, 2021

A Structured Control Selection Methodology for Insider Threat Mitigation.
Proceedings of the CENTERIS 2020 - International Conference on ENTERprise Information Systems / ProjMAN 2020 - International Conference on Project MANagement / HCist 2020, 2020

Corrections to "'Security Concern' as a Metric for Enterprise Business Processes".
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"Security Concern" as a Metric for Enterprise Business Processes.
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A Quantitative Methodology for Business Process-Based Data Privacy Risk Computation.
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Attack Difficulty Metric for Assessment of Network Security.
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A dynamic model for short-term prediction of stream attributes.
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A Quantitative Methodology for Cloud Security Risk Assessment.
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A graph based formalism for detecting flow conflicts in software defined network.
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Modelling operations and security of cloud systems using Z-notation and Chinese Wall security policy.
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An Automated Methodology for Secured User Allocation in Cloud.
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A Quantitative Methodology for Security Risk Assessment of Enterprise Business Processes.
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Network Vulnerability Analysis Using a Constrained Graph Data Model.
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Columbia-Jadavpur submission for EMNLP 2016 Code-Switching Workshop Shared Task: System description.
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Computational Approaches to Code Switching@EMNLP 2016, 2016

Unraveling the English-Bengali Code-Mixing Phenomenon.
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Computational Approaches to Code Switching@EMNLP 2016, 2016

Resolving authorization conflicts by ontology views for controlled access to a digital library.
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Rhythm analysis of tablā signal by detecting the cyclic pattern.
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Modelling of Enterprise Insider Threats.
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A Novel Model of Security Policies and Requirements.
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A two-phase quantitative methodology for enterprise information security risk analysis.
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GPU accelerated novel particle filtering method.
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A formal methodology for Enterprise Information Security risk assessment.
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Performance Comparison of Hadoop Based Tools with Commercial ETL Tools - A Case Study.
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A Practical Approach of Fairness in E-Procurement.
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Specification and validation of enterprise information security policies.
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A Formal Methodology for Detecting Managerial Vulnerabilities and Threats in an Enterprise Information System.
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A Mark-Up Language for the Specification of Information Security Governance Requirements.
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A generalised model of e-trading for gradual secret release fair exchange protocol.
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Generalized GSR model of Fair Exchange in E-contracting.
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A formal methodology for detection of vulnerabilities in an enterprise information system.
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An efficient technique for enhancing forensic capabilities of Ext2 file system.
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Document Frauds: Identification and Linking Fake Document to Scanners and Printers.
Proceedings of the 2007 International Conference on Computing: Theory and Applications (ICCTA 2007), 2007

Paradigm shift in document related frauds: Characteristics identification for development of a non-destructive automated system for printed documents.
Digit. Investig., 2006

An Improved E-Commerce Protocol for Fair Exchange.
Proceedings of the Distributed Computing and Internet Technology, 2006

A Web-Enabled Enterprise Security Management Framework Based on a Unified Model of Enterprise Information System Security .
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Digital Forensic Analysis of E-Mails: A Trusted E-Mail Protocol.
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Intensity-based image matching for regular firearms.
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Design and Implementation of a Soft Real Time Fault Tolerant System.
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Authoring Software for Higher Educational Environment.
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Study of a Simulated Stream Machine for Dataflow Computation.
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Handling of recursion in dataflow model.
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