Changiz Eslahchi

According to our database1, Changiz Eslahchi authored at least 38 papers between 1998 and 2022.

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Clinical drug response prediction from preclinical cancer cell lines by logistic matrix factorization approach.
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Assignment of structural domains in proteins using diffusion kernels on graphs.
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A neural network-based method for polypharmacy side effects prediction.
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Auto-HMM-LMF: feature selection based method for prediction of drug response via autoencoder and hidden Markov model.
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Predicting anti-cancer drug response by finding optimal subset of drugs.
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ISCMF: Integrated similarity-constrained matrix factorization for drug-drug interaction prediction.
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CAMND: Comparative analysis of metabolic network decomposition based on previous and two new criteria, a web based application.
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TOPDRIVER: the novel identifier of cancer driver genes in Gastric cancer and Melanoma.
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Comparison of different approaches for identifying subnetworks in metabolic networks.
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OrthoGNC: A Software for Accurate Identification of Orthologs Based on Gene Neighborhood Conservation.
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FCDECOMP: Decomposition of metabolic networks based on flux coupling relations.
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Characterization of cubic graphs <i>G</i> with <i>ir<sub>t</sub></i>(<i>G</i>)=<i>IR<sub>t</sub></i>(<i>G</i>)=2.
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TripNet: A Method for Constructing Phylogenetic Networks from Triplets
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