Choonhwa Lee

According to our database1, Choonhwa Lee authored at least 53 papers between 2000 and 2019.

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Energy Savings in Very Large Cloud-IoT Systems.
OJIOT, 2019

Jargon of Hadoop MapReduce scheduling techniques: a scientific categorization.
Knowledge Eng. Review, 2019

iPOJO flow: a declarative service workflow architecture for ubiquitous cloud applications.
J. Ambient Intell. Humaniz. Comput., 2019

Efficient neighbor selection through connection switching for P2P live streaming.
J. Ambient Intell. Humaniz. Comput., 2019

Benchmarking Tool for Modern Distributed Stream Processing Engines.
Proceedings of the 33rd International Conference on Information Networking, 2019

IoT-DDL-Device Description Language for the "T" in IoT.
IEEE Access, 2018

An Efficient Topology Refining Scheme for Apache Flink.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence, 2018

A Hybrid Push/Pull Streaming Scheme Using Interval Caching in P2P VOD Systems.
IEICE Transactions, 2017

Blueprint Flow: A Declarative Service Composition Framework for Cloud Applications.
IEEE Access, 2017

Enabling End-to-End Orchestration of Multi-Cloud Applications.
IEEE Access, 2017

An adaptive SLA-based data flow mechanism for stream processing engines.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence, 2017

An iPOJO Components-Based Workflow Architecture in Ubiquitous Cloud Environments.
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Enabling declarative service composition for cloud applications.
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A Deduplication-Enabled P2P Protocol for VM Image Distribution.
IEICE Transactions, 2015

Enabling elastic services for OSGi-based cloud platforms.
Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks, 2015

An adaptive remote display scheme to deliver mobile cloud services.
IEEE Trans. Consumer Electronics, 2014

UPnP remote UI and sensor collaboration framework for cloud AV service in smart home.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence, 2013

A popularity-aware prefetching scheme to support interactive P2P streaming.
IEEE Trans. Consumer Electronics, 2012

Toward an Ecosystem for Developing and Programming Assistive Environments.
Proceedings of the IEEE, 2012

TL-Rank: A Blend of Text and Link Information for Measuring Similarity in Scientific Literature Databases.
IEICE Transactions, 2012

Boosting P2P Streaming Performance via Adaptive Chunk Selection.
IEICE Transactions, 2011

Adaptive Push-Pull Protocols for P2P-Based Video Streaming.
IEICE Transactions, 2011

Efficient peer-to-peer overlay networks for mobile IPTV services.
IEEE Trans. Consumer Electronics, 2010

Cross-Domain Service Composition in OSGi Environments.
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Enriching OSGi Service Composition with Web Services.
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Impromptu Service Discovery and Delivery in Mobile Environments.
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An on-demand TV service architecture for networked home appliances.
IEEE Communications Magazine, 2008

Movement-Aware Vertical Handoff of WLAN and Mobile WiMAX for Seamless Ubiquitous Access.
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Optimal transmission policies for MOT in T-DMB.
IEEE Communications Letters, 2007

QoS-aware Internet access schemes for wireless mobile ad hoc networks.
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Bridging OSGi Islands Through SLP Protocol.
Proceedings of the Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing, 4th International Conference, 2007

Context-Aware Service Composition for Mobile Network Environments.
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Universal Interactions with Smart Spaces.
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Resource Adaptation Scheme for QoS Provisioning in Pervasive Computing Environments: A Welfare Economic Approach.
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Gossip-Based Service Discovery in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
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The Jini Proxy Architecture for Impromptu Mobile Services.
Proceedings of the 2006 International Symposium on Applications and the Internet Workshops (SAINT 2006 Workshops), 2006

An efficient service propagation scheme for large-scale MANETs.
Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Middleware for Pervasive and Ad-hoc Computing (MPAC 2006), held at the ACM/IFIP/USENIX 7th International Middleware Conference, November 27, 2006

LAID: Load-Adaptive Internet Gateway Discovery for Ubiquitous Wireless Internet Access Networks.
Proceedings of the Information Networking, 2006

QoS-Aware Adaptive Internet Gateway Selection in Ad Hoc Wireless Internet Access Networks.
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Broadband Communications, 2006

A Video Streaming File Server Framework for Digital Video Broadcasting Environments.
IEICE Transactions, 2005

Effect of localized optimal clustering for reader anti-collision in RFID networks: fairness aspects to the readers.
Proceedings of the 14th International Conference On Computer Communications and Networks, 2005

w-LLC: Weighted Low-Energy Localized Clustering for Embedded Networked Sensors.
Proceedings of the Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery, Second International Conference, 2005

On Energy-Aware Dynamic Clustering for Hierarchical Sensor Networks.
Proceedings of the Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing - EUC 2005 Workshops, 2005

Pervasive Computing.
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Konark: a system and protocols for device independent, peer-to-peer discovery and delivery of mobile services.
IEEE Trans. Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part A, 2003

Scalable Cache Invalidation Algorithms for Mobile Data Access.
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Enabling Smart Spaces with OSGi.
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Konark - a service discovery and delivery protocol for ad-hoc networks.
Proceedings of the 2003 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking, 2003

ILC-TCP: an interlayer collaboration protocol for TCP performance improvement in mobile and wireless environments.
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Context Attributes: An Approach to Enable Context-awareness for Service Discovery.
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Enabling Location-Aware Pervasive Computing Applications for the Edlerly.
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Ns-Based Bluetooth LAP Simulator.
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An architecture for wireless LAN/WAN integration.
Proceedings of the 2000 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, 2000