Christian Stahl

According to our database1, Christian Stahl authored at least 53 papers between 2004 and 2017.

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Deciding conformance for bounded responsiveness.
Sci. Comput. Program., 2017

APCAD - Analysis program for the continuous-angle DSAM.
Computer Physics Communications, 2017

Flexible integration of cloud-based engineering services using semantic technologies.
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Trace- and failure-based semantics for responsiveness.
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Grade/CPN: A Tool and Temporal Logic for Testing Colored Petri Net Models in Teaching.
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Strategies for Modeling Complex Processes Using Colored Petri Nets.
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Service Discovery from Observed Behavior while Guaranteeing Deadlock Freedom in Collaborations.
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Leveraging Super-Scalarity and Parallelism to Provide Fast Declare Mining without Restrictions.
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Declarative Modeling-An Academic Dream or the Future for BPM?
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A trace-based service semantics guaranteeing deadlock freedom.
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Enabling virtual assembly training in and beyond the automotive industry.
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Grade/CPN: Semi-automatic Support for Teaching Petri Nets by Checking Many Petri Nets Against One Specification.
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A Trace-Based Semantics for Responsiveness.
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Soundness verification for conceptual workflow nets with data: Early detection of errors with the most precision possible.
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Guaranteeing Weak Termination in Service Discovery.
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Multiparty Contracts: Agreeing and Implementing Interorganizational Processes.
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Workflow Soundness Revisited: Checking Correctness in the Presence of Data While Staying Conceptual.
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Service substitution: a behavioral approach based on Petri nets.
PhD thesis, 2009

Deciding Substitutability of Services with Operating Guidelines.
Trans. Petri Nets and Other Models of Concurrency, 2009

A Framework for Linking and Pricing No-Cure-No-Pay Services.
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Analyzing interacting WS-BPEL processes using flexible model generation.
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Extending the compatibility notion for abstract WS-BPEL processes.
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Covering Places and Transitions in Open Nets.
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An Approach to Tackle Livelock-Freedom in SOA.
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An SOA-based architecture framework.
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Challenges in a Service-Oriented World.
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From Public Views to Private Views - Correctness-by-Design for Services.
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Services as a Paradigm of Computation.
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Analysis Techniques for Service Models.
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A SOA-Based Architecture Framework.
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Kommunizierende Workflow-Services modellieren und analysieren.
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