Chuan Sun

According to our database1, Chuan Sun authored at least 44 papers between 2006 and 2022.

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Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading With Energy Path Conflict Management in Energy Local Area Network.
IEEE Trans. Smart Grid, 2022

Node Information Awareness Pooling for Graph Representation Learning.
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Co-Correcting: Noise-Tolerant Medical Image Classification via Mutual Label Correction.
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Intelligence-Empowered Mobile Edge Computing: Framework, Issues, Implementation, and Outlook.
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Li Yan et al. reply.
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An active safety control method of collision avoidance for intelligent connected vehicle based on driving risk perception.
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Optimization of milling parameters considering high efficiency and low carbon based on gravity search algorithm.
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A Novel Deep Model with Structure Optimization for Scene Understanding.
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Simulation on dynamic load balancing of distributed parallel computing network system.
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A Novel Rolling Bearing Vibration Impulsive Signals Detection Approach Based on Dictionary Learning.
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DeFed: A Principled Decentralized and Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning Algorithm.
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Optimizing the Configuration of Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces using Deep Learning.
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A Novel Class Imbalance-oriented Polynomial Neural Network Algorithm for Disease Diagnosis.
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Efficient User Localization in Wireless Networks Using Active Deep Learning.
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An interpretable mortality prediction model for COVID-19 patients.
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Deformation detection algorithm of shallow and large-span tunnel support structure based on wireless sensor network.
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A Novel Method of SOC Estimation for Electric Vehicle Based on Adaptive Particle Filter.
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Estimation of Land Surface Temperature Using FengYun-2E (FY-2E) Data: A Case Study of the Source Area of the Yellow River.
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A Novel Simplified Algorithm for Bare Surface Soil Moisture Retrieval Using L-Band Radiometer.
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Estimation of surface soil moisture using FengYun-2E (FY-2E) data: A case study over the source area of the Yellow River.
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Should we discard sparse or incomplete videos?
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Modeling and Simulation of Multi-hop Time Synchronization for Underwater Acoustic Networks Based on OPNET.
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Analysis and evaluation of innovation efficiency in the national hi-tech zone based on DEA.
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Generating fair, C<sup>2</sup> continuous splines by blending conics.
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Curvature normal vector driven interpolatory subdivision.
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Research on the Counting Problem Based on Linear Constructions for DNA Coding.
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