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According to our database1, Yang Lu authored at least 150 papers between 1993 and 2019.

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A Joint Inversion Estimate of Antarctic Ice Sheet Mass Balance Using Multi-Geodetic Data Sets.
Remote Sensing, 2019

Merging the Bernoulli-Gaussian and symmetric α-stable models for impulsive noises in narrowband power line channels.
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Bivariate integer-autoregressive process with an application to mutual fund flows.
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Routing Topology Inference for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Packet Tracing and Local Probing.
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Exploring the emotional antecedents and outcomes of technology acceptance.
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Facial Expression Recognition Based on Discrete Separable Shearlet Transform and Feature Selection.
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A Survey of Big Data Analytics for Smart Forestry.
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Eco-Environmental Quality Assessment in China's 35 Major Cities Based On Remote Sensing Ecological Index.
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Multi-Node Charging Planning Algorithm With an Energy-Limited WCE in WRSNs.
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WGAN-Based Robust Occluded Facial Expression Recognition.
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Mapping Bug Reports to Relevant Source Code Files Based on the Vector Space Model and Word Embedding.
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Optimization Design and Application of Active Disturbance Rejection Controller Based on Intelligent Algorithm.
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A Speed Disturbance Control Method Based on Sliding Mode Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Linear Motor.
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Fatigue State Detection Based on Multi-Index Fusion and State Recognition Network.
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ProductNet: a Collection of High-Quality Datasets for Product Representation Learning.
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Learning Generator Networks for Dynamic Patterns.
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Cross Chain Bribery Contracts: Majority vs Mighty Minority.
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Factors influencing two-way referral between hospitals and the community in China: A system dynamics simulation model.
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Eye and mouth state detection algorithm based on contour feature extraction.
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Hybrid Precoding Design Achieving Fully Digital Performance for Millimeter Wave Communications.
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Trajectory tracking problem for Markov jump systems with Itô stochastic disturbance and its application in orbit manoeuvring.
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Psychological Determinants and Consequences of Internet Usage: An Extension of the Technology Acceptance Model.
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Network traffic adaptive S-MAC protocol for wireless sensor network.
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Block Chain Based Double Auction Design.
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Metaphorical mapping between raw-cooked food and strangeness-familiarity in Chinese culture.
Cognitive Processing, 2017

A stage-structured predator-prey model with predation over juvenile prey.
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2017

Modal and Strength Analysis of High-speed Rotor Based on Magnetic Bearing.
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering, 2017

An image reconstruction framework based on deep neural network for electrical impedance tomography.
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A Semantic-Based K-Anonymity Scheme for Health Record Linkage.
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A novel approach of facial expression recognition based on shearlet transform.
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DRUGS System Improving the Effects of Clinical Pathways: A Systematic Study.
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Transmission Reliability Evaluation for Wireless Sensor Networks.
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A novel graphical method for dual-frequency two sections transformer.
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Climate modelling for agroforestry species selection in Yunnan Province, China.
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Towards a Science for Adaptive Defense: Revisit Server Protection.
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Face Occlusion Detection Using Cascaded Convolutional Neural Network.
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Derivation of contracted graphs with ternary/quaternary links for type synthesis of parallel mechanisms by characteristic strings.
Robotica, 2015

A Novel Technique for Human Traffic based Radio Map Updating in Wi-Fi Indoor Positioning Systems.
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Efficient Certificate-Based Proxy Re-encryption Scheme for Data Sharing in Public Clouds.
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Multi-software reliability allocation in multimedia systems with budget constraints using Dempster-Shafer theory and improved differential evolution.
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A 5-8 GHz wideband 100 W internally matched GaN power amplifier.
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A Metric Learning Based Approach to Evaluate Task-Specific Time Series Similarity.
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An interactive tool for teaching right management in 3D e-learning platform.
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Computational derivation of valid kinematic limbs of spatial 3-DOF parallel mechanisms without redundant constraint.
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A completely affine invariant image-matching method based on perspective projection.
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Smart Hospital based on Internet of Things.
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Efficient and Generic Construction of Certification-Based Encryption in the Standard Model Based on the NIZK Proof System.
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A Timed Calculus for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
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SIEPON conformance testing and certification.
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