Yicheng Li

According to our database1, Yicheng Li authored at least 42 papers between 2010 and 2022.

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DLnet With Training Task Conversion Stream for Precise Semantic Segmentation in Actual Traffic Scene.
IEEE Trans. Neural Networks Learn. Syst., 2022

SFNet-N: An Improved SFNet Algorithm for Semantic Segmentation of Low-Light Autonomous Driving Road Scenes.
IEEE Trans. Intell. Transp. Syst., 2022

Robust Target Recognition and Tracking of Self-Driving Cars With Radar and Camera Information Fusion Under Severe Weather Conditions.
IEEE Trans. Intell. Transp. Syst., 2022

Pedestrian Motion Trajectory Prediction in Intelligent Driving from Far Shot First-Person Perspective Video.
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Robust-FusionNet: Deep Multimodal Sensor Fusion for 3-D Object Detection Under Severe Weather Conditions.
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V2I-CARLA: A Novel Dataset and a Method for Vehicle Reidentification-Based V2I Environment.
IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas., 2022

YOLOv5-Fog: A Multiobjective Visual Detection Algorithm for Fog Driving Scenes Based on Improved YOLOv5.
IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas., 2022

Voxel-RCNN-Complex: An Effective 3-D Point Cloud Object Detector for Complex Traffic Conditions.
IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas., 2022

A Lightweight Feature Map Creation Method for Intelligent Vehicle Localization in Urban Road Environments.
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A 15-Bit Quadrature Digital Power Amplifier With Transformer-Based Complex-Domain Efficiency Enhancement.
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A non-local gradient based approach of infinity Laplacian with Γ-convergence.
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Soft-Weighted-Average Ensemble Vehicle Detection Method Based on Single-Stage and Two-Stage Deep Learning Models.
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Visual Map-Based Localization for Intelligent Vehicles From Multi-View Site Matching.
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YOLOv4-5D: An Effective and Efficient Object Detector for Autonomous Driving.
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An active safety control method of collision avoidance for intelligent connected vehicle based on driving risk perception.
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On Post-selection Inference in A/B Testing.
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A Broadband Switched-Transformer Digital Power Amplifier for Deep Back-Off Efficiency Enhancement.
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A Novel Method of SOC Estimation for Electric Vehicle Based on Adaptive Particle Filter.
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A Fast Detection Method via Region-Based Fully Convolutional Neural Networks for Shield Tunnel Lining Defects.
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An Output-Capacitorless Adaptively Biased Low-Dropout Regulator with Maximum 132-MHz UGF and Without Minimum Loading Requirement.
Proceedings of the 31st IEEE International System-on-Chip Conference, 2018

A 70-nA 13-ppm/°C All-MOSFET Voltage Reference for Low-Power IoT Systems.
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Instance-Level Human Parsing via Part Grouping Network.
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Image Sequence Matching Using Both Holistic and Local Features for Loop Closure Detection.
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Extrinsic Calibration of 2-D Laser Rangefinder and Camera From Single Shot Based on Minimal Solution.
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