Chuanrong Zhang

According to our database1, Chuanrong Zhang authored at least 44 papers between 2004 and 2020.

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Improving geospatial query performance of an interoperable geographic situation-awareness system for disaster response.
Trans. GIS, 2020

A framework of experimental transiogram modelling for Markov chain geostatistical simulation of landscape categories.
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Semantic Segmentation of Urban Buildings from VHR Remote Sensing Imagery Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network.
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Parallel computing solutions for Markov chain spatial sequential simulation of categorical fields.
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Using Deep Learning to Identify Utility Poles with Crossarms and Estimate Their Locations from Google Street View Images.
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Mapping China's Ghost Cities through the Combination of Nighttime Satellite Data and Daytime Satellite Data.
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Integrating multi-agent evacuation simulation and multi-criteria evaluation for spatial allocation of urban emergency shelters.
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A spatiotemporal regression-kriging model for space-time interpolation: a case study of chlorophyll-a prediction in the coastal areas of Zhejiang, China.
Int. J. Geogr. Inf. Sci., 2018

DBSTC: an effective method for discovering cluster features with different spatiotemporal densities.
Int. J. Digital Earth, 2018

Predicting land use/cover change in Long Island Sound Watersheds and its effect on invasive species: a case study for glossy buckthorn.
Annals of GIS, 2018

Scalable Spatial Join for WFS Clients (Short Paper).
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Geographic Information Science, 2018

Parcel-based urban land use classification in megacity using airborne LiDAR, high resolution orthoimagery, and Google Street View.
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Incorporating Spectral Similarity Into Markov Chain Geostatistical Cosimulation for Reducing Smoothing Effect in Land Cover Postclassification.
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Evaluating the Use of DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Imagery in Predicting PM2.5 Concentrations in the Northeastern United States.
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ParSymG: a parallel clustering approach for unsupervised classification of remotely sensed imagery.
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Urban Land Use Information Retrieval Based on Scene Classification of Google Street View Images.
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一种属性可撤销的安全云存储模型 (Secure Model of Cloud Storage Supporting Attribute Revocation).
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Does the Visibility of Greenery Increase Perceived Safety in Urban Areas? Evidence from the Place Pulse 1.0 Dataset.
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A Map-Reduce based parallel approach for improving query performance in a geospatial semantic web for disaster response.
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A parallel approach for improving Geo-SPARQL query performance.
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An explorative study on the proximity of buildings to green spaces in urban areas using remotely sensed imagery.
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Towards Improving Query Performance of Web Feature Services (WFS) for Disaster Response.
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Some further clarification on Markov chain random fields and transiograms.
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Assessing the spatial uncertainty in soil nitrogen mapping through stochastic simulations with categorical land use information.
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Assessing the risk costs in delineating soil nickel contamination using sequential Gaussian simulation and transfer functions.
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Modeling experimental cross-transiograms of neighboring landscape categories with the gamma distribution.
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Comments on 'Combining spatial transition probabilities for stochastic simulation of categorical fields' with communications on some issues related to Markov chain geostatistics.
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The framework of a geospatial semantic web-based spatial decision support system for Digital Earth.
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Automatic search of geospatial features for disaster and emergency management.
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Secure and Efficient Generalized Signcryption Scheme Based on a Short ECDSA.
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Secure Signcryption Scheme Based on a Hybrid Encryption.
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