Chunquan Li

According to our database1, Chunquan Li authored at least 35 papers between 2007 and 2019.

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SEdb: a comprehensive human super-enhancer database.
Nucleic Acids Research, 2019

TSV Manufacturing Fault Modeling and Diagnosis Based on Multi-Tone Dither.
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An Improved Brain Storming Optimization Algorithm for Estimating Parameters of Photovoltaic Models.
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An Enhanced Brain Storm Sine Cosine Algorithm for Global Optimization Problems.
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A Novel Outlier Immune Multipath Fingerprinting Model for Indoor Single-Site Localization.
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A new portfolio selection model with interval-typed random variables and the empirical analysis.
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A meshless Deformation simulation method for Virtual Surgery.
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Real-time deformation of human soft tissues: A radial basis meshless 3D model based on Marquardt's algorithm.
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A Simple Brain Storm Optimization Algorithm With a Periodic Quantum Learning Strategy.
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A Brain Storm Optimization With Multi-Information Interactions for Global Optimization Problems.
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A Double Evolutionary Learning Moth-Flame Optimization for Real-Parameter Global Optimization Problems.
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A Vector Grouping Learning Brain Storm Optimization Algorithm for Global Optimization Problems.
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A Surface Mass-Spring Model With New Flexion Springs and Collision Detection Algorithms Based on Volume Structure for Real-Time Soft-Tissue Deformation Interaction.
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CNN and PCA Based Visual System of A Wheelchair Manipulator Robot for Automatic Drinking.
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A New Deformation Model of Biological Tissue for Surgery Simulation.
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Modelling of Soft tissue cutting in Virtual Surgery simulation: a literature Review.
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Test of Mechanical Failure for Via Holes and Solder Joints of Complex Interconnect Structure.
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Collision detection for virtual environment using particle swarm optimization with adaptive cauchy mutation.
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An improved hybrid immune algorithm for mechanism kinematic chain isomorphism identification in intelligent design.
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Characterizing and optimizing human anticancer drug targets based on topological properties in the context of biological pathways.
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Research of Improved ZigBee-based AODVjr Routing Algorithm in Cloud Manufacturing.
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Portfolio selection models based on interval numbers.
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The detection of risk pathways, regulated by miRNAs, via the integration of sample-matched miRNA-mRNA profiles and pathway structure.
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An Unsupervised Color-Texture Segmentation using Two-stage fuzzy C-Means Algorithm.
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On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Context-Free Languages.
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Walking the interactome to identify human miRNA-disease associations through the functional link between miRNA targets and disease genes.
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Topologically inferring risk-active pathways toward precise cancer classification by directed random walk.
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Similarity measures for content-based image retrieval based on intuitionistic fuzzy set theory.
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Refractured Well Selection for Multicriteria Group Decision Making by Integrating Fuzzy AHP with Fuzzy TOPSIS Based on Interval-Typed Fuzzy Numbers.
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DOSim: An R package for similarity between diseases based on Disease Ontology.
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Fuzzy Portfolio Optimization Model with Fuzzy Numbers.
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A novel haptic rendering algorithm based on vector median filter.
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Design and Implementation of a haptic interface device with Auto-Regulation gravity compensation.
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Robustness of fuzzy reasoning via logically equivalence measure.
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A Heuristic Approach for Target SNP Mining Based on Genome-Wide IBD Profile.
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