David Cooper

According to our database1, David Cooper authored at least 42 papers between 1979 and 2018.

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IEEE Fellow 2000, "For the introduction of fundamental concepts and methodology in the Bayesian approach to computer vision and on unsupervised statistical machine learning.".



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A wavelet gradient sparsity based algorithm for reconstruction of reduced-view tomography datasets obtained with a monochromatic synchrotron-based X-ray source.
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Multiple regularization based MRI reconstruction.
Signal Processing, 2014

Improved Compressed Sensing-Based Algorithm for Sparse-View CT Image Reconstruction.
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Micro-CT image reconstruction based on alternating direction augmented Lagrangian method and total variation.
Comp. Med. Imag. and Graph., 2013

Polymorphous Silicon: A Promising Material for Thin-Film Transistors for Low-Cost and High-Performance Active-Matrix OLED Displays.
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Multi-user diversity in a TDMA cellular system.
Proceedings of the IEEE 21st International Symposium on Personal, 2010

Forensic Data Reocvery on the 8GB Fifth Generation iPod Nano.
Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on Security & Management, 2010

Intrinsic Contact Geometry of Protein Dynamics.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, 2010

Thomas Gray, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and geographical information systems: A literary GIS of two Lake District tours.
IJHAC, 2009

Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) Profile.
RFC, May, 2008

The certification of the Mondex electronic purse to ITSEC Level E6.
Formal Asp. Comput., 2008

Grammatical Inference Techniques and Their Application in Ground Investigation.
Comp.-Aided Civil and Infrastruct. Engineering, 2008

Server-Based Certificate Validation Protocol (SCVP).
RFC, December, 2007

E-Publishing Portal: A New Approach to Faculty Outreach.
Proceedings of the Digital Spectrum: Integrating Technology and Culture - Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Electronic Publishing held in Bansko, 2006

SafSec: Commonalities Between Safety and Security Assurance.
Proceedings of the Constituents of Modern System-safety Thinking, 2005

A reduced complexity list single-wrong-turn (SWT) Viterbi decoding algorithm.
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Playing on a holo-stage: towards the interaction between real and virtual performers.
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Perceptually Smooth Timbral Guides by State-Space Analysis of Phase-Vocoder Parameters.
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Formal Methods for Industrial Products.
Proceedings of the ZB 2000: Formal Specification and Development in Z and B, First International Conference of B and Z Users, York, UK, August 29, 2000

Segregation with Communication.
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Similarity based linear n⩾5-point structure and pose estimation from it single image.
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Using Geometric Properties of Correspondence Vectors for the Registration of Free-Form Shapes.
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Trans-Domain Mapping: A Real-time Interactive System for Motion Acquisition and Musical Mapping.
Proceedings of the 2000 International Computer Music Conference, 2000

President's information technology advisory committee (PITAC): subcommittee on transforming the government.
Proceedings of the 2000 National Conference on Digital Government Research, 2000

Embracing the Composer: Optical Recognition of Handwritten Manuscripts.
Proceedings of the 1999 International Computer Music Conference, 1999

More Powerful Z Data Refinement: Pushing the State of the Art in Industrial Refinement.
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Studio Report of the University of Leeds Department of Music.
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Leeds University Electronic Studio: Studio Report.
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Handwritten Music Manuscript Recognition.
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Reading the fine print: what benchmarks don't tell you.
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A Demonstrably Correct Compiler.
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Educating Management in Z.
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