Dimitris Mitropoulos

According to our database1, Dimitris Mitropoulos authored at least 37 papers between 2009 and 2020.

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A model for detecting faults in build specifications.
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PDGuard: an architecture for the control and secure processing of personal data.
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Identifying Bugs in Make and JVM-Oriented Builds.
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Practical fault detection in puppet programs.
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Defending Against Web Application Attacks: Approaches, Challenges and Implications.
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Pythia: Identifying Dangerous Data-flows in Django-based Applications.
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Mime Artist: Bypassing Whitelisting for the Web with JavaScript Mimicry Attacks.
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Aspects of the History of Computing in Modern Greece.
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How 1 million app calls can tell you a bit about malware.
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Tug-of-War: Observations on Unified Content Handling.
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POSIX Has Become Outdated.
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How to Train Your Browser: Preventing XSS Attacks Using Contextual Script Fingerprints.
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A type-safe embedding of SQL into Java using the extensible compiler framework J%.
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Data security in the cloud environment.
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Improving the quality of APIs through the analysis of software crash reports.
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Better safe than sorry: backup your backups.
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Measuring the Occurrence of Security-Related Bugs through Software Evolution.
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