Dirk Biermann

According to our database1, Dirk Biermann authored at least 47 papers between 2007 and 2019.

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  • Dijkstra number2 of five.
  • Erdős number3 of four.



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Adaption of tool surface for sheet-bulk metal forming by means of pressurized air wet abrasive jet machining.
Production Engineering, 2019

Experimental studies and FEM simulation of helical-shaped deep hole twist drills.
Production Engineering, 2018

High-quality cutting edge preparation of micromilling tools using wet abrasive jet machining process.
Production Engineering, 2018

Improvement strategies for the formfilling in incremental gear forming processes.
Production Engineering, 2017

A non-rigid registration method for the efficient analysis of shape deviations in production engineering applications.
Production Engineering, 2016

Tribological measures for controlling material flow in sheet-bulk metal forming.
Production Engineering, 2016

Experimental and numerical analysis of tribological effective surfaces for forming tools in Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming.
Production Engineering, 2016

Modeling and Optimization of Machining Problems.
Proceedings of the Springer Handbook of Computational Intelligence, 2015

Evaluation of different approaches for modeling phase transformations in machining simulation.
Production Engineering, 2015

Modelling and simulation of Internal Traverse Grinding: bridging meso- and macro-scale simulations.
Production Engineering, 2015

High-feed milling of tailored surfaces for sheet-bulk metal forming tools.
Production Engineering, 2015

Investigations on the formation of straightness deviation in MQL deep-hole drilling of thin-walled aluminium components.
Production Engineering, 2015

Modelling, simulation and compensation of thermal effects for complex machining processes.
Production Engineering, 2015

Planning and optimisation of manufacturing process chains for functionally graded components - part 2: case study on self-reinforced thermoplastic composites.
Production Engineering, 2015

Model-Based Multi-objective Optimization: Taxonomy, Multi-Point Proposal, Toolbox and Benchmark.
Proceedings of the Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization, 2015

Simulation of grinding processes using finite element analysis and geometric simulation of individual grains.
Production Engineering, 2014

Five-axis grinding of wear-resistant, thermally sprayed coatings on free-formed surfaces.
Production Engineering, 2014

A procedure for the evaluation and compensation of form errors by means of global isometric registration with subsequent local reoptimization.
Production Engineering, 2014

Active brazed ceramic cemented carbide compound drills for machining lamellar graphite cast iron.
Production Engineering, 2014

A novel method for chip formation analyses in deep hole drilling with small diameters.
Production Engineering, 2014

Optimization of guide pads for the BTA deep hole drilling of high alloyed steels by microfinishing.
Production Engineering, 2014

Optimization of a Simulation for Inhomogeneous Mineral Subsoil Machining.
Proceedings of the Analysis of Large and Complex Data, 2014

Friction analysis of thermally sprayed coatings finished by ball burnishing and grinding.
Production Engineering, 2013

Modelling, simulation and experimental investigation of chip formation in internal traverse grinding.
Production Engineering, 2013

Oscillator-based approach for modeling process dynamics in NC milling with position- and time-dependent modal parameters.
Production Engineering, 2013

Planning and optimisation of manufacturing process chains for functionally graded components - part 1: methodological foundations.
Production Engineering, 2013

Iterative, simulation-based shape modification by free-form deformation of the NC programs.
Advances in Engineering Software, 2013

Influence of controlled tool orientation on pattern formation and waviness in surface grinding.
Production Engineering, 2011

Manufacturing of dies from hardened tool steels by 3-axis micromilling.
Production Engineering, 2011

Intelligent process planning methods for the manufacturing of moulds.
IJCAT, 2011

Non-rigid isometric ICP: A practical registration method for the analysis and compensation of form errors in production engineering.
Computer-Aided Design, 2011

Empirical modeling of hard turning of AISI 6150 steel using design and analysis of computer experiments.
Production Engineering, 2010

Direct free-form deformation of NC programs for surface reconstruction and form-error compensation.
Production Engineering, 2010

Development of a honing process for the combination machining of hardened axisymmetric parts.
Production Engineering, 2010

Analysis and simulation of size effects in micromilling.
Production Engineering, 2010

A macroscopic approach towards the finite element simulation of tapping and thread milling of continuously reinforced extrusions.
Production Engineering, 2010

Sequential Parameter Optimization of an Evolution Strategy for the design of Mold Temperature Control Systems.
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Integrated simulation of the process chain composite extrusion-milling-welding for lightweight frame structures.
Production Engineering, 2009

A study of grinding silicon nitride and cemented carbide materials with diamond grinding wheels.
Production Engineering, 2009

Simulation of the BTA deep-hole drilling process.
Production Engineering, 2009

Influence of cutting edge geometry and cutting edge radius on the stability of micromilling processes.
Production Engineering, 2009

Modelling and simulation of process: machine interaction in grinding.
Production Engineering, 2009

Modeling regenerative workpiece vibrations in five-axis milling.
Production Engineering, 2008

Multiobjective Optimization on a Limited Budget of Evaluations Using Model-Assisted -Metric Selection.
Proceedings of the Parallel Problem Solving from Nature, 2008

Dynamic Disturbances in BTA Deep-Hole Drilling: Modelling Chatter and Spiralling as Regenerative Effects.
Proceedings of the Advances in Data Analysis, Data Handling and Business Intelligence, 2008

Model-based optimization revisited: Towards real-world processes.
Proceedings of the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, 2008

Designing memetic algorithms for real-world applications using self-imposed constraints.
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