Dong-Pyo Jang

According to our database1, Dong-Pyo Jang authored at least 34 papers between 1999 and 2022.

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Neckband-Based Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring Device With Offset-Tolerant ROIC.
IEEE Access, 2022

A 145.2dB-DR Baseline-Tracking Impedance Plethysmogram IC for Neckband-Based Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Monitoring.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, 2022

Quantification of Displacement for Tactile Sensation in a Contact-type Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound Haptic Device.
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Deep learning classification features visualization for arm movement brain-computer interface.
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Scalp tapping-based protocol for adjusting the parameters of binaural hearing aids.
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Movement state classification for bimanual BCI from non-human primate's epidural ECoG using three-dimensional convolutional neural network.
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Spectral Analysis of Acceleration Data for Detection of Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizures.
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Tailoring fast-scan cyclic voltammetry for tonic dopamine concentration measurement.
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Developing ultrasound tactile sensitivity testing device with optical detector for measuring surface strain.
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Bimanual Arm Movements Decoding using Hybrid Method.
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Effect of processing-based and microphone-based noise reduction algorithms on intelligibility-related acoustic features: A parametric investigation study.
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Analysis of Nociceptive Information Encoded in the Temporal Discharge Patterns of Cutaneous C-Fibers.
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Effect of the degree of sensorineural hearing impairment on the results of subjective evaluations of a noise-reduction algorithm.
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Development of virtual reality proprioceptive rehabilitation system for stroke patients.
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Deficient gaze pattern during virtual multiparty conversation in patients with schizophrenia.
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Modified segmental signal-to-noise ratio reflecting spectral masking effect for evaluating the performance of hearing aid algorithms.
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Clinical evaluation of the performance of a blind source separation algorithm combining beamforming and independent component analysis in hearing aid use.
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Proprioception rehabilitation training system for stroke patients using virtual reality technology.
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Emerging techniques for elucidating mechanism of action of deep brain stimulation.
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The treatment of fear of flying: a controlled study of imaginal and virtual reality graded exposure therapy.
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The development of virtual reality therapy (VRT) system for the treatment of acrophobia and therapeutic case.
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Virtual Reality System for Treatment of the Fear of Public Speaking Using Image-Based Rendering and Moving Pictures.
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Development and Validation of Virtual Driving Simulator for the Spinal Injury Patient.
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Analysis of Physiological Response to Two Virtual Environments: Driving and Flying Simulation.
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