J. S. Kim

According to our database1, J. S. Kim authored at least 24 papers between 1988 and 2018.

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A Burn-in Potential Region Detection Method for the OLED panel displays.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia, 2018

BLITE-SVR: New forecasting model for late blight on potato using support-vector regression.
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 2016

Implementation of the RBF neural chip with the back-propagation algorithm for on-line learning.
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Hyper-Star Graphs: Some Topological Properties and an Optimal Neighbourhood Broadcasting Algorithm.
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Iterative algorithms for part grouping and loading in cellular reconfigurable manufacturing systems.
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Bipolar drive waveform for long-gap high-Xe plasma display panels.
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Weighted Capacitor Digital-to-Analog Converter adopting extensive charge sharing scheme.
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Influence of wall charge on image sticking phenomena in AC plasma display panels.
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Game theoretic analysis of the bargaining process over a long-term replenishment contract.
JORS, 2007

Effect of single crystalline MgO powder treatment of phosphor surface on discharge property of high-Xe AC plasma display panels.
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Optical characteristics of In(Ga)As quantum dots on (100) InP substrate for 1.5mum laser diodes.
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The effects of D2 addition on the discharge characteristics of He-Ne-Xe gas mixture in an AC-PDP.
Displays, 2005

Identification of Font Styles and Typefaces in Printed Korean Documents.
Proceedings of the Digital Libraries: Technology and Management of Indigenous Knowledge for Global Access, 2003

Attention Enhancement System using Virtual Reality and EEG Biofeedback.
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The Design of the Reliable Communication Path in the Distributed Multiprocessor System.
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Compiling Rule-Based Agent for Distributed Databases.
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Performance-Based Path Determination for Interprocessor Communication in Distributed Computing Systems.
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Subblock sum matching algorithm for block-based interframe coding.
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Integration of connectionist methods and chaotic time-series analysis for the prediction of process data.
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Efficient hardware-software co-implementation of H.263 video codec.
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Design and implementation of an ATM cell controller for FR/ATM interworking system.
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Structures of Flow and Mixture-Fraction Fields for Counterflow Diffusion Flames with Small Stoichiometric Mixture Fractions.
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Fuzzy rule-based boundary enhancement algorithm for noisy images.
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Solid state water vapor sensor for robotics applications.
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