Dongmei Xu

According to our database1, Dongmei Xu authored at least 22 papers between 2007 and 2021.

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Finite-time H ∞ control for discrete-time switched systems with admissible edge-dependent average dwell time.
Int. J. Syst. Sci., 2021

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly pervaporation-distillation hybrid process for ternary azeotrope purification.
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Effects of Clear-Sky Assimilation of GPM Microwave Imager on the Analysis and Forecast of Typhoon "Chan-Hom".
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Development of a Planar Piezoelectric Actuator Using Bending-Bending Hybrid Transducers.
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A Four-Feet Walking-Type Rotary Piezoelectric Actuator with Minute Step Motion.
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Force and Moment Compensation Method Based on Three Degree-of-Freedom Stiffness-Damping Identification for Manipulator Docking Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulation System.
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Design and Experimental Evaluation of a Stepper Piezoelectric Actuator Using Bending Transducers.
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Fuzzy Observer-Based Fault Detection Design Approach for Nonlinear Processes.
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Development of a Four-Feet Driving Type Linear Piezoelectric Actuator Using Bolt-Clamped Transducers.
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A Bonded-Type Piezoelectric Actuator Using the First and Second Bending Vibration Modes.
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Motion Planning of a Stepping-Wriggle Type Piezoelectric Actuator Operating in Bending Modes.
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A Bonded Type Ultrasonic Motor Using the Bending of a Crossbeam.
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An H<sub>∞</sub> Fault Estimation Scheme of Wireless Networked Control Systems for Industrial Real-Time Applications.
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Hybrid Chaotic Genetic Algorithms for Optimal Parameter Estimation of Muskingum Flood Routing Model.
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Distributed Collaborative Modeling Support System Associating UML Diagrams with Chat Messages.
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