Yinglong Wang

According to our database1, Yinglong Wang authored at least 30 papers between 2007 and 2020.

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FB-CNN: Feature Fusion-Based Bilinear CNN for Classification of Fruit Fly Image.
IEEE Access, 2020

Sparse ECG Denoising with Generalized Minimax Concave Penalty.
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RINGLM: A Link-Level Packet Loss Monitoring Solution for Software-Defined Networks.
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Network security situation: From awareness to awareness-control.
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Cognitive-inspired class-statistic matching with triple-constrain for camera free 3D object retrieval.
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ECG Baseline Wander Correction and Denoising Based on Sparsity.
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An improvement scheme for pressure-swing distillation with and without heat integration through an intermediate connection to achieve energy savings.
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TPP: Trajectory Privacy Preservation Against Tensor Voting Based Inference Attacks.
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Exploring the Cross-Domain Action Recognition Problem by Deep Feature Learning and Cross-Domain Learning.
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Spectral Efficiency of Wireless Body Area Networks Coexistence.
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Cost-Sensitive Attribute Reduction Algorithm Based on Neighborhood Rough Sets in Incomplete Data.
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A Three-Way Decisions Approach for Computing Approximations in Continuous Data.
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A two-way link loss measurement approach for software-defined networks.
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Short-term traffic flow forecasting based on clustering and feature selection.
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A Semantic Knowledge Fusion Method Based on Topic Maps.
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Knowledge Processing and Service System for Digital Education based on Semantic Web.
Proceedings of the Integration and Innovation Orient to E-Society, 2007