Dorothea Pantförder

According to our database1, Dorothea Pantförder authored at least 18 papers between 2007 and 2020.

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Who Knows What in My Team? - An Interactive Visualization-Based Instrument for Developing Transactive Memory Systems in Teams.
Proceedings of the Learning and Collaboration Technologies. Human and Technology Ecosystems, 2020

Interaction in Virtual Environments - How to Control the Environment by Using VR-Glasses in the Most Immersive Way.
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Agentenbasierte dynamische Rekonfiguration von vernetzten intelligenten Produktionsanlagen.
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Unterstützung des Menschen in Cyber-Physical Production Systems.
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Improvement of maintenance through speech interaction in cyber-physical production systems.
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Making Implicit Knowledge Explicit - Acquisition of Plant Staff's Mental Models as a Basis for Developing a Decision Support System.
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Management of Inconsistencies in Domain-Spanning Models - An Interactive Visualization Approach.
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Realisierung eines Konzeptes zur Diagnose ethernetbasierter Echtzeitkommunikationssysteme.
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Darstellungskonzepte für die zustandsabhängige Diagnose industrieller Kommunikationsnetzwerken für verteilte Automatisierungssysteme.
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An Analytical Alarm Flood Reduction to Reduce Operator's Workload.
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Benefit and evaluation of interactive 3D process data visualization in operator training of plant manufacturing industry.
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Beanspruchung und Fehlererkennung in der Prozessüberwachung.
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