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A Fuzzy Extension of Simplified Best-Worst Method (F-SBWM) and Its Applications to Decision-Making Problems.
Symmetry, 2023

Multi-Objective Sustainable Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network Design Considering Multiple Products with Different Quality Levels.
Syst., 2022

Intuitionistic fuzzy decision support based on EDAS and grey relational degree for historic bridges reconstruction priority.
Soft Comput., 2022

A new decision model with integrated approach for healthcare waste treatment technology selection with generalized orthopair fuzzy information.
Inf. Sci., 2022

q-Rung Orthopair Fuzzy Improved Power Weighted Operators For Solving Group Decision-Making Issues.
Informatica, 2022

A SWARA-CoCoSo-Based Approach for Spray Painting Robot Selection.
Informatica, 2022

A Literature Review of MADM Applications for Site Selection Problems - One Decade Review from 2011 to 2020.
Int. J. Inf. Technol. Decis. Mak., 2022

A Novel Integrated Fuzzy-Rough MCDM Model for Assessment of Barriers Related to Smart Logistics Applications and Demand Forecasting Method in the COVID-19 Period.
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A Hesitant Fermatean Fuzzy CoCoSo Method for Group Decision-Making and an Application to Blockchain Platform Evaluation.
Int. J. Fuzzy Syst., 2022

Sustainable Process Selection Using a Hybrid Fuzzy DEMATEL and Fuzzy Inference System.
Int. J. Fuzzy Syst., 2022

A Novel Hybrid Fuzzy DEA-Fuzzy ARAS Method for Prioritizing High-Performance Innovation-Oriented Human Resource Practices in High Tech SME's.
Int. J. Fuzzy Syst., 2022

M-generalised q-neutrosophic extension of CoCoSo method.
Int. J. Comput. Commun. Control, 2022

An Intuitionistic Extension of the Simple WISP Method.
Entropy, 2022

Assessing Green Approaches and Digital Marketing Strategies for Twin Transition via Fermatean Fuzzy SWARA-COPRAS.
Axioms, 2022

Big data-driven large-scale group decision-making under uncertainty (BiGDM-U).
Appl. Intell., 2022

Symmetric and Asymmetric Data in Solution Models.
Symmetry, 2021

Comparative Assessment of the Stability of AHP and FAHP Methods.
Symmetry, 2021

Determination of Objective Weights Using a New Method Based on the Removal Effects of Criteria (MEREC).
Symmetry, 2021

Developing a Novel Approach for Determining the Reliability of Bipolar Neutrosophic Sets and its Application in Multi-Criteria Decision-Making.
J. Multiple Valued Log. Soft Comput., 2021

Developing of a Novel Integrated MCDM MULTIMOOSRAL Approach for Supplier Selection.
Informatica, 2021

A New Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Framework for Policy-Makers by Using Interval-Valued Triangular Fuzzy Numbers.
Informatica, 2021

A New Enhanced ARAS Method for Critical Path Selection of Engineering Projects with Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets.
Int. J. Inf. Technol. Decis. Mak., 2021

A novel dynamic credit risk evaluation method using data envelopment analysis with common weights and combination of multi-attribute decision-making methods.
Comput. Oper. Res., 2021

A novel model for multi-criteria assessment based on BWM and possibilistic chance-constrained programming.
Comput. Ind. Eng., 2021

Comparative Analysis of the Simple WISP and Some Prominent MCDM Methods: A Python Approach.
Axioms, 2021

A Single-Valued Neutrosophic Extension of the EDAS Method.
Axioms, 2021

A soft computing approach based on critical chain for project planning and control in real-world applications with interval data.
Appl. Soft Comput., 2021

Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Techniques for Improvement Sustainability Engineering Processes.
Symmetry, 2020

A Novel CRITIC-Fuzzy FUCOM-DEA-Fuzzy MARCOS Model for Safety Evaluation of Road Sections Based on Geometric Parameters of Road.
Symmetry, 2020

An Extended Shapley TODIM Approach Using Novel Exponential Fuzzy Divergence Measures for Multi-Criteria Service Quality in Vehicle Insurance Firms.
Symmetry, 2020

A Bibliometric Analysis of Symmetry (2009-2019).
Symmetry, 2020

VASMA Weighting: Survey-Based Criteria Weighting Methodology that Combines ENTROPY and WASPAS-SVNS to Reflect the Psychometric Features of the VAS Scales.
Symmetry, 2020

A Novel Extension of the TOPSIS Method Adapted for the Use of Single-Valued Neutrosophic Sets and Hamming Distance for E-Commerce Development Strategies Selection.
Symmetry, 2020

A Novel Integrated PIPRECIA-Interval-Valued Triangular Fuzzy ARAS Model: E-Learning Course Selection.
Symmetry, 2020

A new soft computing approach for green supplier selection problem with interval type-2 trapezoidal fuzzy statistical group decision and avoidance of information loss.
Soft Comput., 2020

An integrated parallel big data decision support tool using the W-CLUS-MCDA: A multi-scenario personnel assessment.
Knowl. Based Syst., 2020

MACONT: Mixed Aggregation by Comprehensive Normalization Technique for Multi-Criteria Analysis.
Informatica, 2020

Industry 4.0 as an enabler of sustainability diffusion in supply chain: an analysis of influential strength of drivers in an emerging economy.
Int. J. Prod. Res., 2020

Pythagorean fuzzy combined compromise solution method integrating the cumulative prospect theory and combined weights for cold chain logistics distribution center selection.
Int. J. Intell. Syst., 2020

Editorial Message: Special Issue on Fuzzy Systems in Intelligent Systems and Applications.
Int. J. Fuzzy Syst., 2020

An Analysis of Trapezoidal Intuitionistic Fuzzy Preference Relations Based on (α, β)-cuts.
Int. J. Fuzzy Syst., 2020

A Framework to Overcome Hesitancy of Decision-Makers in E-Government Web Site Evaluation.
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Soft Computing Techniques and Their Applications in Intel-ligent Industrial Control Systems: A Survey.
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Integrating interval-valued multi-granular 2-tuple linguistic BWM-CODAS approach with target-based attributes: Site selection for a construction project.
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An exemplary journal and its impact on other journals.
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A phase change material selection using the interval-valued target-based BWM-CoCoMULTIMOORA approach: A case-study on interior building applications.
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Solution Models Based on Symmetric and Asymmetric Information.
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Civil Engineering and Symmetry.
Symmetry, 2019

Application of MCDM Methods in Sustainability Engineering: A Literature Review 2008-2018.
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A New Hybrid MCDM Model: Sustainable Supplier Selection in a Construction Company.
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Evaluation of the Influencing Factors on Job Satisfaction Based on Combination of PLS-SEM and F-MULTIMOORA Approach.
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ELECTRE-IDAT for design decision-making problems with interval data and target-based criteria.
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Multiple-Criteria Decision-Making (MCDM) Techniques for Business Processes Information Management.
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A Bipolar Fuzzy Extension of the MULTIMOORA Method.
Informatica, 2019

Residential Construction Site Selection Through Interval-Valued Hesitant Fuzzy CODAS Method.
Informatica, 2019

When risks need attention: adoption of green supply chain initiatives in the pharmaceutical industry.
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A Judgment-Based Risk Assessment Framework for Consumer Loans.
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Hierarchical Decision-making using a New Mathematical Model based on the Best-worst Method.
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Measuring Performance in Transportation Companies in Developing Countries: A Novel Rough ARAS Model.
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An Extended Step-Wise Weight Assessment Ratio Analysis with Symmetric Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets for Determining the Subjective Weights of Criteria in Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Problems.
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Bi-objective mean-variance method based on Chebyshev inequality bounds for multi-objective stochastic problems.
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Investigating the role of social media in polio prevention in India: a Delphi-DEMATEL approach.
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An Extension of Fuzzy SWOT Analysis: An Application to Information Technology.
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A Dynamic Fuzzy Approach Based on the EDAS Method for Multi-Criteria Subcontractor Evaluation.
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Simultaneous Evaluation of Criteria and Alternatives (SECA) for Multi-Criteria Decision-Making.
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Developing textile entrepreneurial inclination model by integrating experts mining and ISM-MICMAC.
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A Model for Shovel Capital Cost Estimation, Using a Hybrid Model of Multivariate Regression and Neural Networks.
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