Eun-Kyu Lee

According to our database1, Eun-Kyu Lee authored at least 27 papers between 2004 and 2017.

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PhD thesis 




LTE Network Enhancement for Vehicular Safety Communication.
Mobile Information Systems, 2017

Designing Test Methods for IT-Enabled Energy Storage System to Evaluate Energy Dynamics.
JIPS, 2017

Prioritized access control enabling weighted, fine-grained protection in cyber-physical systems.
IJDSN, 2017

Polycast: A new paradigm for information-centric data delivery in heterogeneous mobile fog networks.
IJDSN, 2017

Indoor mobile object tracking using RFID.
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Crowdsource Based Indoor Localization by Uncalibrated Heterogeneous Wi-Fi Devices.
Mobile Information Systems, 2016

Internet of Vehicles: From intelligent grid to autonomous cars and vehicular fogs.
IJDSN, 2016

Advancing Building Energy Management System to Enable Smart Grid Interoperation.
IJDSN, 2016

Experiencing Commercialized Automated Demand Response Services with a Small Building Customer in Energy Market.
IJDSN, 2015

Comments on an Analytic Model of Vehicular Data Dissemination in Non-Deterministic Fading Channel.
IEEE Communications Letters, 2015

Design and analysis of novel quorum-based sink location service scheme in wireless sensor networks.
Wireless Networks, 2014

Vehicular cloud networking: architecture and design principles.
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Internet of vehicles: From intelligent grid to autonomous cars and vehicular clouds.
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Evaluating microgrid management and control with an implementable energy management system.
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Energy Service Interface: Accessing to Customer Energy Resources for Smart Grid Interoperation.
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Fine-Grained Access to Smart Building Energy Resources.
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RFID assisted vehicle positioning in VANETs.
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Physical layer security in wireless smart grid.
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Resource Centric Security to protect customer energy information in the smart grid.
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Timely and robust key establishment under jamming attack in critical wireless networks.
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Secured Bilateral Rendezvous using self interference cancellation in wireless networks.
Proceedings of the 10th IFIP Annual Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop, 2011

Frequency quorum rendezvous for fast and resilient key establishment under jamming attack.
Mobile Computing and Communications Review, 2010

Pilot Case for Container Security Device (CSD) Based on Active RFID.
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Randomized channel hopping scheme for anti-jamming communication.
Proceedings of the 3rd IFIP Wireless Days Conference 2010, 2010

Installation and evaluation of RFID readers on moving vehicles.
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Spatial Data Server for Mobile Environment.
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