Fengwei Li

Orcid: 0000-0002-9493-2890

According to our database1, Fengwei Li authored at least 52 papers between 2004 and 2024.

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An improvement on Weil bounds for character sums of polynomials over finite fields.
Cryptogr. Commun., July, 2024

On Entropy Measures of Some Titania and Carbon Nanotubes.
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The greatest values for atom-bond sum-connectivity index of graphs with given parameters.
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The maximum designed distances of dual-containing non-primitive BCH codes.
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Generator polynomials of cyclic expurgated or extended Goppa codes.
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Automatic detection of surface defects based on deep random chains.
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Two-valued cross correlation distributions between binary m sequences and their decimation sequences.
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Cyclic codes of length 5p with MDS symbol-pair.
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Two classes of quasi-cyclic codes via irreducible polynomials.
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The Decomposability of Toroidal Graphs without Adjacent Triangles or Short Cycles.
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Polynomial algorithms for computing the isolated toughness of interval and split graphs.
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The Hermitian dual-containing LCD BCH codes and related quantum codes.
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ISI-Equienergetic Graphs.
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Some New Bounds for the Inverse Sum Indeg Energy of Graphs.
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Another expression of the MacWilliams identities and its applications.
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Note for Constructing Minimum Integrity Trees with Given Order and Maximum Degree<sup>*</sup>.
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A class of functions with low-valued Walsh spectrum.
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