Gerd Bramerdorfer

According to our database1, Gerd Bramerdorfer authored at least 19 papers between 2012 and 2020.

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PhD thesis 




Analysis of a Tooth-Coil Winding Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machine With an Unequal Teeth Width.
IEEE Access, 2020

On Modeling the Dynamic Thermal Behavior of Electrical Machines Using Genetic Programming and Artificial Neural Networks.
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Analytical Modeling and Optimization for Electromagnetic Performances of Fractional-Slot PM Brushless Machines.
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Optimization of Electric Machine Designs - Part II.
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Modern Electrical Machine Design Optimization: Techniques, Trends, and Best Practices.
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Optimization of Electric Machine Designs-Part I.
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Accurate and Easy-to-Obtain Iron Loss Model for Electric Machine Design.
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Multi-objective Topology Optimization of Electrical Machine Designs Using Evolutionary Algorithms with Discrete and Real Encodings.
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Coupled optimization in MagOpt.
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Impact of IM pole count on material cost increase for achieving mandatory efficiency requirements.
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DECMO2: a robust hybrid and adaptive multi-objective evolutionary algorithm.
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A Surrogate-Based Strategy for Multi-objective Tolerance Analysis in Electrical Machine Design.
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Measurement-based nonlinear modeling of PMSMs.
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Using FE Calculations and Data-Based System Identification Techniques to Model the Nonlinear Behavior of PMSMs.
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An Effective Ensemble-Based Method for Creating On-the-Fly Surrogate Fitness Functions for Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms.
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PMSM for high demands on low torque ripple using optimized stator phase currents controlled by an iterative learning control algorithm.
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A Hybrid Soft Computing Approach for Optimizing Design Parameters of Electrical Drives.
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