Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

Orcid: 0000-0003-0849-7771

  • Poznan University of Technology, Poland

According to our database1, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber authored at least 154 papers between 1991 and 2024.

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Location-allocation problem for green efficient two-stage vehicle-based logistics system: A type-2 neutrosophic multi-objective modeling approach.
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Correction to: A novel model for sustainable waste collection arc routing problem: Pareto-based algorithms.
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Preface: advances of machine learning and optimization in healthcare systems and medicine.
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Inventory model involving reworking of faulty products with three carbon policies under neutrosophic environment.
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Interactive strategy of carbon cap-and-trade policy on sustainable multi-objective solid transportation problem with twofold uncertain waste management.
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A novel model for sustainable waste collection arc routing problem: Pareto-based algorithms.
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Multi-objective solid transportation-location problem with variable carbon emission in inventory management: a hybrid approach.
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A parallel heuristic for hybrid job shop scheduling problem considering conflict-free AGV routing.
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Effect of price-sensitive demand and default risk on optimal credit period and cycle time for a deteriorating inventory model.
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Multi-agent control of airplane wing stability under the flexural torsion flutter.
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Human factors in a contemporary organization.
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Knowledge accelerator by transversal competences and multivariate adaptive regression splines.
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Hesitant interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy-linguistic term set approach in Prisoners' dilemma game theory using TOPSIS: a case study on Human-trafficking.
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