Nelson Maculan

According to our database1, Nelson Maculan authored at least 114 papers between 1987 and 2020.

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New proposals for modelling and solving the problem of covering solids using spheres of different radii.
RAIRO Oper. Res., 2020

Modelling and solving the perfect edge domination problem.
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Inexact Proximal Point Methods for Multiobjective Quasiconvex Minimization on Hadamard Manifolds.
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An efficient algorithm for the projection of a point on the intersection of two hyperplanes and a box in \(\mathbb {R}^n\).
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An exact and polynomial approach for a bi-objective integer programming problem regarding network flow routing.
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Trends in operational research approaches for sustainability.
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Large Neighborhoods with Implicit Customer Selection for Vehicle Routing Problems with Profits.
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Discretization orders for protein side chains.
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An evaluation of the bihyperbolic function in the optimization of the backpropagation algorithm.
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Single string planning problem arising in liner shipping industries: A heuristic approach.
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Solving the molecular distance geometry problem with inaccurate distance data.
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A Novel Mathematical Formulation for the Strategic Planning of a Reverse Supply Chain Network - Theoretical and Computational Results.
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Multiobjective combinatorial optimization problems with a cost and several bottleneck objective functions: An algorithm with reoptimization.
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Strong bounds with cut and column generation for class-teacher timetabling.
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Multi-service multi-facility network design under uncertainty.
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On suitable orders for discretizing Molecular Distance Geometry Problems related to protein side chains.
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Minmax regret combinatorial optimization problems: an Algorithmic Perspective.
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A Distributed Dynamics for WebGraph Decontamination.
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Reformulation in mathematical programming: An application to quantum chemistry.
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A relax-and-cut algorithm for the prize-collecting Steiner problem in graphs.
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NLPToolbox: an open-source nonlinear programming tool.
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A graph-oriented approach for the minimization of the number of late jobs for the parallel machines scheduling problem.
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B&B Frameworks for the Capacity Expansion of High Speed Telecommunication Networks Under Uncertainty.
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A Function to Test Methods Applied to Global Minimization of Potential Energy of Molecules.
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Un Algorithme pour la Bipartition d'un Graphe en Sous-graphes de Cardinalité Fixée.
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