Guoyu Wang

According to our database1, Guoyu Wang authored at least 38 papers between 1996 and 2021.

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A Scheme of Polarimetric Superresolution for Multitarget Detection and Localization.
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A Fine-Tuning Strategy Based on Real Scenes in Gait Identification.
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A novel deep neural network for noise removal from underwater image.
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A Control Strategy for Maintaining Gait Stability and Reducing Body-Exoskeleton Interference Force in Load-Carrying Exoskeleton.
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A Novel Scheme for Detection and Estimation of Unresolved Targets With Stepped-Frequency Waveform.
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Underwater Image Enhancement With a Deep Residual Framework.
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Underwater Image Recovery Using Structured Light.
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An Optimized Chameleon Algorithm based on Local Features.
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Stationary Points of a Kurtosis Maximization Criterion for Noisy Blind Source Extraction.
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ISAR Imaging With Wideband V-FM Waveforms via Dual-Channel CS-D.
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A novel method for detecting and tracking vehicles in traffic-image sequence.
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Low power design of the perceptual noise substitution block for hardware AAC decoders.
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A DAB data forwarding system based on bluetooth technology.
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A further investigation on reconstruction of vertical profiles using polarization coherence tomography.
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Testing Anti-denial of Service Attacks Based on Mobile Agent.
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A statistical model to describe invariants extracted from a 3-D quadric surface patch and its applications in region-based recognition.
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A new laser-scanning sensing technique for underwater engineering inspection.
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