Cong Zhang

According to our database1, Cong Zhang authored at least 98 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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Belief Propagation Decoding of Polar Codes Using Intelligent Post-Processing.
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Anisotropic Constitutive Model of Intermittent Columnar Jointed Rock Masses Based on the Cosserat Theory.
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Stacked pruning sparse denoising autoencoder based intelligent fault diagnosis of rolling bearings.
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Unidirectional reflectionlessness in a non-Hermitian quantum system of surface plasmon coupled to two plasmonic cavities.
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Boosting VLAD with weighted fusion of local descriptors for image retrieval.
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A Fully Integrated HF RFID Tag Chip With LFSR-based Light-weight Tripling Mutual Authentication Protocol.
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Deep Matching Network Based Image Auxiliary Localization System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
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Effective Recycling Planning for Dockless Sharing Bikes.
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FPGA Software Security Testing Excitation Random Generation Based on SFMEA and SFTA.
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High-Order Unscented Transformation Based on the Bayesian Learning for Nonlinear Systems with Non-Gaussian Noises.
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Binocular Pose Estimation for UAV Autonomous Aerial Refueling via Brain Storm Optimization.
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Incorporating Prior Knowledge into Word Embedding for Chinese Word Similarity Measurement.
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Real-time Multi-Agents Architecture for E-commerce Servers.
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An all-digital phase-locked loop with a PGTA-based TDC and a 0.6-V DCO.
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Application of the EnKF method for real-time forecasting of smoke movement during tunnel fires.
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An Economical Optimization Model of Non-Periodic Maintenance Decision for Deteriorating System.
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Intelligent Parking Management System Design from a Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) Perspective.
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A Non-central Point Sound Field Reconstruction Method by Three Loudspeakers.
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Systems and Informatics, 2018

Global Contrast Enhancement Detection via Deep Multi-Path Network.
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Prediction of Food Safety Network of Public Opinion Hot-Degree Based on Improved Entropy Method and Markov.
Proceedings of the Fuzzy Systems and Data Mining IV, 2018

Boosting VLAD with Weighted Fusion of Local Descriptors.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing, 2018

Design and Hardware Implementation of a STT-MRAM Based SoC Architecture for Smart Card Chip.
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Modeling the Impact of the Sharing Economy on Traditional Firms.
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Hyperspectral Image Classification with Spatial Filtering and l(2, 1) Norm.
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On optimizing power allocation and power splitting for MISO SWIPT systems with heterogeneous users.
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Mechanical design of a compact Serial Variable Stiffness Actuator (SVSA) based on lever mechanism.
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Fault-tolerant controller design with a tolerance measure for systems with actuator and sensor faults.
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A Cyclic Scanning Repeater for Enhancing the Remote Distance of LC Passive Wireless Sensors.
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A tree-based incremental overlapping clustering method using the three-way decision theory.
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The method for generating 3D audio content.
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A binocular vision-based UAVs autonomous aerial refueling platform.
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SoftPanel: a website for grouping diseases and related disorders for generation of customized panels.
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