Hadi Tabatabaee Malazi

According to our database1, Hadi Tabatabaee Malazi authored at least 21 papers between 2009 and 2021.

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Parallel Quadri-valent Quantum-Inspired Gravitational Search Algorithm on a heterogeneous platform for wireless sensor networks.
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Smoothing Speed Variability in Age-Friendly Urban Traffic Management.
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Dynamic windowing mechanism to combine sentiment and N-gram analysis in detecting events from social media.
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Evidential fine-grained event localization using Twitter.
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Raft Consensus Algorithm: an Effective Substitute for Paxos in High Throughput P2P-based Systems.
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A Two-Dimensional Self-coordination Mechanism of Agents in a Minority Game.
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Decentralized detection of hybrid faults in mobile sensor nodes.
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Combining emerging patterns with random forest for complex activity recognition in smart homes.
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A social recommender system using item asymmetric correlation.
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Fuzzy topology discovery protocol for SDN-based wireless sensor networks.
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Adaptive parallel Louvain community detection on a multicore platform.
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Memory Efficient Routing Using Bloom Filters in Large Scale Sensor Networks.
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Khorramshahr: A scalable peer to peer architecture for port warehouse management system.
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Fast architecture for decimal digit multiplication.
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Energy Efficieny in Virtual Machines Allocation for Cloud Data Centers Using the Imperialist Competitive Algorithm.
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