Mahmood Fazlali

  • Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

According to our database1, Mahmood Fazlali authored at least 26 papers between 2006 and 2021.

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Accelerating Louvain community detection algorithm on graphic processing unit.
J. Supercomput., 2021

Parallel branch and bound algorithm for solving integer linear programming models derived from behavioral synthesis.
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Parallel Quadri-valent Quantum-Inspired Gravitational Search Algorithm on a heterogeneous platform for wireless sensor networks.
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A Novel Method for Reconstructing CT Images in GATE/GEANT4 with Application in Medical Imaging: A Complexity Analysis Approach.
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Scalable Parallel Genetic Algorithm For Solving Large Integer Linear Programming Models Derived From Behavioral Synthesis.
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High-speed GPU implementation of a secret sharing scheme based on cellular automata.
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Accelerating datapath merging by task parallelisation on multicore systems.
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Raft Consensus Algorithm: an Effective Substitute for Paxos in High Throughput P2P-based Systems.
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Community-based replica management in distributed systems.
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On complexity of post-processing in analyzing GATE-driven X-ray spectrum.
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A hybrid bio-inspired learning algorithm for image segmentation using multilevel thresholding.
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Adaptive parallel Louvain community detection on a multicore platform.
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Parallel implementation of quorum planted (ℓ, d) motif search on multi-core/many-core platforms.
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Metamorphic malware detection using opcode frequency rate and decision tree.
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Fast architecture for decimal digit multiplication.
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Linear principal transformation: toward locating features in N-dimensional image space.
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Clustering Persian viseme using phoneme subspace for developing visual speech application.
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High-speed Binary Signed-Digit RNS adder with posibit and negabit encoding.
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Efficient datapath merging for the overhead reduction of run-time reconfigurable systems.
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Generalised fault-tolerant stored-unibit-transfer residue number system multiplier for moduli set {2<sup>n</sup> - 1, 2<sup>n</sup>, 2<sup>n</sup> + 1}.
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Efficient task scheduling for runtime reconfigurable systems.
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A unified addition structure for moduli set {2<sup>n</sup>-1, 2<sup>n</sup>, 2<sup>n</sup>+1} based on a novel RNS representation.
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A New Datapath Merging Method for Reconfigurable System.
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Reversible Implementation of Densely-Packed-Decimal Converter to and from Binary-Coded-Decimal Format Using in IEEE-754R.
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference in Information Technology, 2006