Heng Pan

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According to our database1, Heng Pan authored at least 56 papers between 2005 and 2024.

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Federated Learning With Non-IID Data: A Survey.
IEEE Internet Things J., June, 2024

Follow-Your-Emoji: Fine-Controllable and Expressive Freestyle Portrait Animation.
CoRR, 2024

FedAnchor: Enhancing Federated Semi-Supervised Learning with Label Contrastive Loss for Unlabeled Clients.
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Recent developments of selective laser processes for wearable devices.
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Delay Safety-Aware Digital Twin Empowered Industrial Sensing-Actuation Systems Using Transferable and Reinforced Learning.
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A Machine Learning-Based Framework for Dynamic Selection of Congestion Control Algorithms.
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Large-Scale Measurements and Prediction of DC-WAN Traffic.
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A deep-learning-based time of arrival estimation using kernel sparse encoding scheme.
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MD-S3C3: A Medical Data Secure Sharing Scheme With Cloud and Chain Cooperation.
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vFedSec: Efficient Secure Aggregation for Vertical Federated Learning via Secure Layer.
CoRR, 2023

Efficient Vertical Federated Learning with Secure Aggregation.
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Img2Vec: A Teacher of High Token-Diversity Helps Masked AutoEncoders.
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Towards Diagnosing Accurately the Performance Bottleneck of Software-Based Network Function Implementation.
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Mitigating Catastrophic Forgetting in Deep Transfer Learning for Fingerprinting Indoor Positioning.
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Marten: A Built-in Security DRL-Based Congestion Control Framework by Polishing the Expert.
Proceedings of the IEEE INFOCOM 2023, 2023

Edge-Cloud Collaborated Object Detection via Difficult-Case Discriminator.
Proceedings of the 43rd IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 2023

DDA-Net: A Discrepancy-Based Domain Adaptation Network for CSI Feedback Transferability.
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Muses: Enabling Lightweight Learning-Based Congestion Control for Mobile Devices.
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Audit Scheme of University Scientific Research Funds Based on Consortium Blockchain.
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Text-guided Attention Mechanism Fine-grained Image Classification.
Proceedings of the ICVARS 2022: The 6th International Conference on Virtual and Augmented Reality Simulations, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, March 25, 2022

ACCL: Architecting Highly Scalable Distributed Training Systems With Highly Efficient Collective Communication Library.
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Attacking Adversarial Attacks as A Defense.
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Time series trend detection and forecasting using complex network topology analysis.
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Application of Internet of Things Technology in 3D Medical Image Model.
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On the Families of Graphs With Unbounded Metric Dimension.
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Decentralized Access Control Encryption in Public Blockchain.
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Efficient Action Computation for Compositional SDN Policies.
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Graph regularized multiview marginal discriminant projection.
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Aerosol printing and photonic sintering of bioresorbable zinc nanoparticle ink for transient electronics manufacturing.
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