Xin Long

Orcid: 0000-0002-4934-3130

According to our database1, Xin Long authored at least 34 papers between 2008 and 2023.

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DxPU: Large-scale Disaggregated GPU Pools in the Datacenter.
ACM Trans. Archit. Code Optim., December, 2023

A Modified Tseng Splitting Method with Double Inertial Steps for Solving Monotone Inclusion Problems.
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E-Booster: A Field-Programmable Gate Array-Based Accelerator for Secure Tree Boosting Using Additively Homomorphic Encryption.
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Intra-cluster aggregation aware routing for distributed training in wireless sensor networks.
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Dependency-Aware Computation Offloading for Mobile Edge Computing With Edge-Cloud Cooperation.
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New self-adaptive methods with double inertial steps for solving splitting monotone variational inclusion problems with applications.
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A High-Performance Hardware Architecture for ECC Point Multiplication over Curve25519.
Proceedings of the 30th IEEE Annual International Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines, 2022

A Rapid Model (COV_PSDI) for Winter Wheat Mapping in Fallow Rotation Area Using MODIS NDVI Time-Series Satellite Observations: The Case of the Heilonggang Region.
Remote. Sens., 2021

Context switch cost aware joint task merging and scheduling for deep learning applications.
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ACCL: Architecting Highly Scalable Distributed Training Systems With Highly Efficient Collective Communication Library.
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A CNN channel pruning low-bit framework using weight quantization with sparse group lasso regularization.
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Loss-Driven Channel Pruning of Convolutional Neural Networks.
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A Novel Low-Bit Quantization Strategy for Compressing Deep Neural Networks.
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New results on stability of Nicholson's blowflies equation with multiple pairs of time-varying delays.
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Analysis and Design of PI Plus Repetitive Control for Grid-Side Converters of Direct-Drive Wind Power Systems Considering the Effect of Hardware Sampling Circuits.
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Data Aggregation Aware Routing for Distributed Training.
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CETUS: Towards Proportional Capacity Provisioning and Cost-Effectiveness in Frontend Servers.
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HaoCL: Harnessing Large-scale Heterogeneous Processors Made Easy.
Proceedings of the 40th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 2020

Investigating Challenges and Benefits of Educational Equalization Oriented Blended Synchronous Learning.
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Hanguang 800 NPU - The Ultimate AI Inference Solution for Data Centers.
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High-density Multi-tenant Bare-metal Cloud.
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A Multi-view Super-Resolution Method with Joint-optimization of Image Fusion and Blind Deblurring.
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A Modified Multichannel Deconvolution Algorithm for Single Lens Imaging.
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A depth-based Multi-view Super-Resolution Method Using Image Fusion and Blind Deblurring.
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Finding Research Community in Collaboration Network with Expertise Profiling.
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An Estimation Algorithm of Channel State Transition Probabilities for Cognitive Radio Systems.
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