Higinio Mora Mora

According to our database1, Higinio Mora Mora authored at least 79 papers between 2003 and 2019.

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High-performance architecture for digital transform processing.
The Journal of Supercomputing, 2019

Jaya optimization algorithm with GPU acceleration.
The Journal of Supercomputing, 2019

Multilayer Architecture Model for Mobile Cloud Computing Paradigm.
Complexity, 2019

Advances in Architectures, Big Data, and Machine Learning Techniques for Complex Internet of Things Systems.
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Review of the Complexity of Managing Big Data of the Internet of Things.
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Design and Application of Project-Based Learning Methodologies for Small Groups Within Computer Fundamentals Subjects.
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Distributed Architectures for Intensive Urban Computing: A Case Study on Smart Lighting for Sustainable Cities.
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Design of Products Through the Search for the Attractor.
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A Review of the Analytics Techniques for an Efficient Management of Online Forums: An Architecture Proposal.
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Unifying Data and Replica Placement for Data-intensive Services in Geographically Distributed Clouds.
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Collaborative Working Architecture for IoT-Based Applications.
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A Secure Multi-Tier Mobile Edge Computing Model for Data Processing Offloading Based on Degree of Trust.
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Scheduling framework for distributed intrusion detection systems over heterogeneous network architectures.
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Modelling the malware propagation in mobile computer devices.
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3D printing of functional anatomical insoles.
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Social Commerce as a Driver to Enhance Trust and Intention to Use Cryptocurrencies for Electronic Payments.
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An Ontology-Oriented Architecture for Dealing With Heterogeneous Data Applied to Telemedicine Systems.
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Accessibility Index for Smart Cities.
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Architecture for Efficient String Dictionaries in E-Learning.
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Text Categorization Improvement via User Interaction.
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Detection of the Bee Queen Presence Using Sound Analysis.
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An IoT-Based Computational Framework for Healthcare Monitoring in Mobile Environments.
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A Comprehensive System for Monitoring Urban Accessibility in Smart Cities.
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A Novel Active Imaging Model to Design Visual Systems: A Case of Inspection System for Specular Surfaces.
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Constrained self-organizing feature map to preserve feature extraction topology.
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Interpreting human activity from electrical consumption data using reconfigurable hardware and hidden Markov models.
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Collaborative building of behavioural models based on internet of things.
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Data Structures Modelling for Citizen Tracking Based Applications in Smart Cities.
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Opinion Dissemination Computational Model.
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A Proposal for a Distributed Computational Framework in IoT Context.
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Urban and Building Accessibility Diagnosis using 'Accessibility App' in Smart Cities - A Case Study.
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Internet of Things: A Review of Surveys Based on Context Aware Intelligent Services.
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A Computational Approach of the French Flag Model to Connect Growth and Specification in Developmental Biology.
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Using virtual reality for industrial design learning: a methodological proposal.
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A connectionist computational method for face recognition.
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Making Smart and Accessible Cities - An Urban Model based on the Design of Intelligent Environments.
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Adjustable compression method for still JPEG images.
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A Computational Architecture Based on RFID Sensors for Traceability in Smart Cities.
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Flexible Framework for Real-Time Embedded Systems Based on Mobile Cloud Computing Paradigm.
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μ-MAR: Multiplane 3D Marker based Registration for depth-sensing cameras.
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Management of social networks in the educational process.
Computers in Human Behavior, 2015

A Belief System's Organization Based on a Computational Model of the Dynamic Context: First Approximation.
Cybernetics and Systems, 2015

Smart Sensor Design for Power Signal Processing.
Proceedings of the Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence. Sensing, Processing, and Using Environmental Information, 2015

Topology Preserving Self-Organizing Map of Features in Image Space for Trajectory Classification.
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Information Search Habits of First Year College Students.
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An Approach to Stigmergy Issues Based on the Recursive Application of Binary Neighbouring Rules.
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Resilience modeling by means of a set of recursive functions.
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A computational framework based on behavioural modelling: Application to the matching of electrocardiogram (ECG) recordings.
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Fault tolerant multiplication based on convolution.
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Mathematical model of stored logic based computation.
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An iterative method for improving decimal calculations on computers.
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Computational framework for behavioural modelling of neural subsystems.
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Learning method based on collaborative assessment performed by the students: an application to computer science.
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Table-based method for reconfigurable function evaluation.
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A client/server implementation of an encryption system for fingerprint user authentication.
Kybernetes, 2008

A metric approach for comparing DNA sequences.
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A BCD-based architecture for fast coordinate rotation.
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Partial product reduction by using look-up tables for M×N multiplier.
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Parametric Architecture for Modeling Neuronal Systems.
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A Fuzzy Approach to Skin Color Detection.
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