Hiroyasu Ishikawa

According to our database1, Hiroyasu Ishikawa authored at least 21 papers between 1994 and 2020.

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Proposal of Instantaneous Power-Line Frequency Synchronized Superimposed Chart for Communications Quality Evaluation of broadband PLC System.
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Method for Detecting User Positions with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Based on Doppler Shifts.
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Multiple Symbol Differential Detection with Majority Decision Method for DQPSK in LOS Channel.
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Software Defined Radio Technology for Highly Reliable Wireless Communications.
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A Delta-Sigma Modulator Using a Non-uniform Quantizer Adjusted for the Probability Density of Input Signals.
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Effect of input-signal statistical property in delta-sigma modulator with non-uniform quantization.
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Adaptive Impedance Control of MIMO Antennas on User Equipment for FDD-LTE.
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Proposal of cross-carrier precoding for carrier aggregation enhancement.
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Small-Sized Shaped Beam Base Station Antenna with Superior Intersector Interference Reduction in High Speed Cellular Systems.
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Adaptive Energy Centric Radio Access Selection for Vertical Handover in Heterogeneous Networks.
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Generalized architecture of concurrent dual-band transmitter for spectrum aggregation system.
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Energy efficient wireless link monitoring using probability inequality for vertical handover.
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Radio access selection method designed to enhance node availability in multi-mode wireless sensor network.
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A Study on Rotational OFDM Transmission with Multi-Dimensional Demodulator and Twin Turbo Decoder.
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Performance Evaluation of Novel Frequency Channel Allocation Algorithm for Pico-Cell System.
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Multihop Mobile Communications System Adopting Fixed Relay Stations and its Time Slot Allocation Schemes.
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A Study on Likelihood Estimation Method Taking Account of Mutual Information in Multi-Level Symbol ~ A Proposal of Twin Turbo Decoder ~.
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Evaluation of MC-CDMA with Frequency Interleaving Technique in Frequency Selective Fading Channel.
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Large-scale CFO-SS (high-speed, long-range 2.4 GHz wireless LAN) network for educational Internet access.
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On symbol timing for OFDM based mobile communications systems.
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