Hong Jun Li

According to our database1, Hong Jun Li authored at least 13 papers between 2018 and 2021.

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Research on key technologies of multi-task-oriented live maintenance robots for Ultra High Voltage multi-split transmission lines.
Ind. Robot, 2021

Research on mechanism configuration and coordinated control for power distribution network live working robot.
Ind. Robot, 2020

Research on configuration design and operation effect evaluation for ultra high voltage (UHV) vertical insulator cleaning robot.
Ind. Robot, 2020

Robust motion control for multi-split transmission line four-wheel driven mobile operation robot in extreme power environment.
Ind. Robot, 2020

Autonomous Behavior Intelligence Control of Self-Evolution Mobile Robot for High-Voltage Transmission Line in Complex Smart Grid.
Complex., 2020

Research on dual-arm coordination motion control strategy for power cable mobile robot.
Trans. Inst. Meas. Control, 2019

Manipulator multi-objective motion optimization control for high voltage power cable mobile operation robot.
J. Ambient Intell. Humaniz. Comput., 2019

Manipulator visual localization motion control for power cable mobile robot in dynamic-unstructured environment.
Ind. Robot, 2019

Live maintenance robot for high-voltage transmission lines.
Ind. Robot, 2019

Research on robust stabilization control of high-voltage power maintenance robot under wind load action.
Ind. Robot, 2019

Motion posture control for power cable maintenance robot in typical operation conditions.
Ind. Robot, 2019

Fuzzy control-based bolt tightening for power cable maintenance robot.
Ind. Robot, 2018

Robust trajectory tracking control for parameter perturbation power cable mobile operation robot system.
Ind. Robot, 2018