Hongbo Zou

According to our database1, Hongbo Zou authored at least 29 papers between 2005 and 2022.

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A Novel NILM Event Detection Algorithm Based on Different Frequency Scales.
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Developing High-Frequency Fiber Bragg Grating Acceleration Sensors to Monitor Transmission Line Galloping.
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Validate and Enable Machine Learning in Industrial AI.
CoRR, 2020

Engaging Users through Social Media in Public Libraries.
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Improved Distributed Predictive Functional Control With Basic Function and PID Control Structure.
IEEE Access, 2020

Performance Assessment of FO-PID Temperature Control System Using a Fractional Order LQG Benchmark.
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Design and Application of Fractional Order Predictive Functional Control for Industrial Heating Furnace.
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Pole placement with LMI constraint of fuzzy descriptor system.
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Flex Tuner: A Flexible Container-Based Tuning System for Cloud Applications.
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Understanding Library User Engagement Strategies through Large-Scale Twitter Analysis.
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Finite-Time Stability and Dynamic Output Feedback Stabilization of Stochastic Systems.
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FlexAnalytics: A Flexible Data Analytics Framework for Big Data Applications with I/O Performance Improvement.
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Improving I/O Performance with Adaptive Data Compression for Big Data Applications.
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A CCG virtual system for big data application communication costs analysis.
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A Maya use case: adaptable scientific workflows with ADIOS for general relativistic astrophysics.
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FlexIO: I/O Middleware for Location-Flexible Scientific Data Analytics.
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FlexQuery: An online query system for interactive remote visual data exploration at large scale.
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Quality-Aware Data Management for Large Scale Scientific Applications.
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A Source-aware Interrupt Scheduling for Modern Parallel I/O Systems.
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A modified unbiased GM(1, 1) model.
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A Fiber Bragg Grating Vibration Interrogation System Based on a Cascaded Long-Period Fiber Grating.
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An evaluation of parallel optimization for OpenSolaris<sup>®</sup> network stack.
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A Novel Design Method of Stream Ciphers Based on Table-Element Permutation.
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V-MCS: A configuration system for virtual machines.
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Stability criteria for switched linear systems.
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An Algorithm for Computing 4^M-Point DFT Based on 4-Point DFT Block.
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A Virtual-Service-Domain Based Bidding Algorithm for Resource Discovery in Computational Grid.
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HRIC: Hybrid Resource Information Service Architecture Based on GMA.
Proceedings of the 2005 IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering (ICEBE 2005), 2005