Qiang Guo

According to our database1, Qiang Guo authored at least 145 papers between 1993 and 2019.

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Detail Preserved Single Image Dehazing Algorithm Based on Airlight Refinement.
IEEE Trans. Multimedia, 2019

Single Image Defogging Based on Illumination Decomposition for Visual Maritime Surveillance.
IEEE Trans. Image Processing, 2019

Localized Fault Tolerant Algorithm Based on Node Movement Freedom Degree in Flying Ad Hoc Networks.
Symmetry, 2019

Parallel Computing Based Dynamic Programming Algorithm of Track-before-Detect.
Symmetry, 2019

Image denoising by low-rank approximation with estimation of noise energy distribution in SVD domain.
IET Image Processing, 2019

Review on the sensitization of turbulence models to rotation/curvature and the application to rotating machinery.
Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2019

Tire Defect Detection Using Fully Convolutional Network.
IEEE Access, 2019

Internet-Distributed Vehicle-in-the-Loop Simulation for HEVs.
IEEE Trans. Vehicular Technology, 2018

Naturalness Preserved Nonuniform Illumination Estimation for Image Enhancement Based on Retinex.
IEEE Trans. Multimedia, 2018

A New Radar Signal Recognition Method Based on Optimal Classification Atom and IDCQGA.
Symmetry, 2018

Denoising of Magnetocardiography Based on Improved Variational Mode Decomposition and Interval Thresholding Method.
Symmetry, 2018

Mixing Matrix Estimation of Underdetermined Blind Source Separation Based on Data Field and Improved FCM Clustering.
Symmetry, 2018

Solderless bonding with nanoporous copper as interlayer for high-temperature applications.
Microelectronics Reliability, 2018

Microstructure evolution and mechanical strength evaluation in Ag/Sn/Cu TLP bonding interconnection during aging test.
Microelectronics Reliability, 2018

Enhanced wavelet convolutional neural networks for visual tracking.
J. Electronic Imaging, 2018

Star Map Stitching Algorithm Based on Visual Principle.
IJPRAI, 2018

The determination of instantaneous uncut chip thickness for non-uniform helix angle tools with complex tool path in ultrasonic milling process.
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Optimal Choice of Enterprise's Production Strategy under Constraints of Carbon Quota.
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Novel underdetermined blind source separation algorithm based on compressed sensing and K-SVD.
Trans. Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, 2018

A Complex-Valued Mixing Matrix Estimation Algorithm for Underdetermined Blind Source Separation.
CSSP, 2018

Multi-task Learning for Macromolecule Classification, Segmentation and Coarse Structural Recovery in Cryo-Tomography.
CoRR, 2018

An integration of fast alignment and maximum-likelihood methods for electron subtomogram averaging and classification.
CoRR, 2018

Feature Decomposition Based Saliency Detection in Electron Cryo-Tomograms.
CoRR, 2018

Nonlocal image denoising using edge-based similarity metric and adaptive parameter selection.
SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences, 2018

Near infrared computer vision and neuro-fuzzy model-based feeding decision system for fish in aquaculture.
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 2018

An integration of fast alignment and maximum-likelihood methods for electron subtomogram averaging and classification.
Bioinformatics, 2018

Ensemble Learning Based on Convolutional Kernel Networks Features for Kinship Verification.
Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, 2018

Annealing Effcts on Luminescence Efficiency of Crystal Scintillation Optical Fiber for Radiotherapy.
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Advanced Infocomm Technology, 2018

Discovering Architectural Dynamic Knowledge: An Extension Clustering Approach.
Proceedings of the 5th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing and Intelligence Systems, 2018

Multi-task Learning for Macromolecule Classification, Segmentation and Coarse Structural Recovery in Cryo-Tomography.
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Feature Decomposition Based Saliency Detection in Electron Cryo-Tomograms.
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An Adaptive Fusion Algorithm for Visible and Infrared Videos Based on Entropy and the Cumulative Distribution of Gray Levels.
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A Sparse Signal Reconstruction Method Based on Improved Double Chains Quantum Genetic Algorithm.
Symmetry, 2017

A Time-Frequency Domain Underdetermined Blind Source Separation Algorithm for MIMO Radar Signals.
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Combining DCQGMP-Based Sparse Decomposition and MPDR Beamformer for Multi-Type Interferences Mitigation for GNSS Receivers.
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Principles and applications of high-speed single-pixel imaging technology.
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Enhanced compressed sensing for visual target tracking in wireless visual sensor networks.
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Hardware-in-the-loop simulation system for space information networks.
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A region-based video de-noising algorithm based on temporal and spatial correlations.
Neurocomputing, 2017

Convolutional recurrent neural networks with hidden Markov model bootstrap for scene text recognition.
IET Computer Vision, 2017

Generating image descriptions with multidirectional 2D long short-term memory.
IET Computer Vision, 2017

Deep neural network with attention model for scene text recognition.
IET Computer Vision, 2017

Further results on the largest matching root of unicyclic graphs.
Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2017

Underdetermined Mixing Matrix Estimation Algorithm Based on Single Source Points.
CSSP, 2017

A novel adaptive leakage suppression method for UHF RFID reader.
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE International Conference on RFID, 2017

Single Image Haze Removal Based on Global-Local Optimization for Depth Map.
Proceedings of the Advances in Multimedia Information Processing - PCM 2017, 2017

Computer Vision and Feeding Behavior Based Intelligent Feeding Controller for Fish in Aquaculture.
Proceedings of the Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture XI, 2017

Artificial neural network compensation for an optical fiber temperature sensing system based on optical time offset.
Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Automation and Computing, 2017

PMSM Servo Control System Design Based on Fuzzy PID.
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Cooperative earth observation through complex space information networks.
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High Sensitivity Refractometer Based on TiO2-Coated Adiabatic Tapered Optical Fiber via ALD Technology.
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Fast Visual Tracking using Memory Gradient Pursuit Algorithm.
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Multi-mode radar signal sorting by means of spatial data mining.
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Convolutional feature learning and Hybrid CNN-HMM for scene number recognition.
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Fuzzy Multi-Objective Lattice Order Decision Approach for Preference Ranking in Conflict Analysis.
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Continuous action segmentation and recognition using hybrid convolutional neural network-hidden Markov model model.
IET Computer Vision, 2016

Efficient self-powered convertor with digitally controlled oscillator-based adaptive maximum power point tracking and RF kick-start for ultralow-voltage thermoelectric energy harvesting.
IET Circuits, Devices & Systems, 2016

An evidence clustering DSmT approximate reasoning method for more than two sources.
Digital Signal Processing, 2016

Web Data Knowledge Extraction.
CoRR, 2016

Memory Matters: Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network for Scene Text Recognition.
CoRR, 2016

High-speed real-time single-pixel microscopy based on Fourier sampling.
CoRR, 2016

An automatic detailed scheduling method of refined products pipeline.
Proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Conference on Control and Automation, 2016

Robust Text Detection with Vertically-Regressed Proposal Network.
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Saliency Detection Based on Multi-scale Image Features.
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Spatial-Response Matched Filter and Its Application in Radiometric Accuracy Improvement of FY-2 Satellite Thermal Infrared Band.
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Target imaging based on ℓ1ℓ0 norms homotopy sparse signal recovery and distributed MIMO antennas.
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An Improved WiFi Indoor Positioning Algorithm by Weighted Fusion.
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Recognition of radar emitter signals based on SVD and AF main ridge slice.
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Conjugate gradient algorithm for efficient covariance tracking with Jensen-Bregman LogDet metric.
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An evidence clustering DSmT approximate reasoning method based on convex functions analysis.
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Agglomerative clustering and collectiveness measure via exponent generating function.
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Empirical Analysis of the Online Rating Systems.
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Stability of similarity measurements for bipartite networks.
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Locating influential nodes via dynamics-sensitive centrality.
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Varying-Domain Optimal Management Strategy for Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles.
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A-LNT: A Wireless Sensor Network Platform for Low-Power Real-Time Voice Communications.
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Method for feature extraction of radar full pulses based on EMD and chaos detection.
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A Portable Embedded Web Controller Based on LAMP for E-Experiment.
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Ranking the spreading influence in complex networks.
CoRR, 2014

A general method for identifying node spreading influence via the adjacent matrix and spreading rate.
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Memory effect of the online user preference.
CoRR, 2014

Ultra accurate collaborative information filtering via directed user similarity.
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Online structural SVM learning by dual ascending procedure.
Proceedings of the Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Security, 2014

Reading numbers in natural scene images with convolutional neural networks.
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PCNN document segmentation method based on bacterial foraging optimization algorithm.
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Detection and transmission resource configuration for Space-based Information Network.
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Study Two-Stages Relief Supplies Distribution Problem Based on Characteristics of Disaster Situation Information.
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Hybrid CNN-HMM Model for Street View House Number Recognition.
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The model of queuing theory based on the maintenance support of equipment of statistical simulation method.
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Obstacle-avoidance path planning of a mobile beacon for localisation.
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Local thresholding with adaptive window shrinkage in the contourlet domain for image denoising.
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A hand-held testbed for capturing the MAC address of the special target in WiFi network.
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Energy Management and Optimization in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks.
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Bistatic ISAR Imaging Incorporating Interferometric 3-D Imaging Technique.
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Solving the accuracy-diversity dilemma via directed random walks
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A Simultaneous Members Enrollment and Revocation Protocol for Secret Sharing Schemes.
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Cutting quality prediction of a quasi-5-axis abrasive waterjet machine with an adjustable workhead.
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CO2 Laser Writing of Long-Period Fiber Gratings in Polarization-Maintaining Fiber under Tension.
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Modelling, evaluating and designing virtual machine scheduling by a clustering mechanism in cloud computing environments.
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Information filtering via biased heat conduction
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Effect of user tastes on personalized recommendation
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