Hongjie Jia

According to our database1, Hongjie Jia authored at least 45 papers between 2008 and 2020.

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An Incremental-Variable-Based State Enumeration Method for Power System Operational Risk Assessment Considering Safety Margin.
IEEE Access, 2020

An Improved Grid Current and DC Capacitor Voltage Balancing Method for Three-Terminal Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid.
IEEE Trans. Smart Grid, 2019

Padé-Based Stability Analysis for a Modular Multilevel Converter Considering the Time Delay in the Digital Control System.
IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics, 2019

A multiway p-spectral clustering algorithm.
Knowl.-Based Syst., 2019

Triple attention network for sentimental visual question answering.
Comput. Vis. Image Underst., 2019

A Simple Operation Approach for Modular Multilevel Converter Under Grid Voltage Swell in Medium-Voltage Microgrids.
IEEE Access, 2019

An Improvement of Spectral Clustering via Message Passing and Density Sensitive Similarity.
IEEE Access, 2019

An Emotion-Embedded Visual Attention Model for Dimensional Emotion Context Learning.
IEEE Access, 2019

Learning Hierarchical Emotion Context for Continuous Dimensional Emotion Recognition From Video Sequences.
IEEE Access, 2019

A Study on Performance Characterization Considering Six-Degree-of-Freedom Vibration Stress and Aging Stress for Electric Vehicle Battery Under Driving Conditions.
IEEE Access, 2019

A Novel Submodule Voltage Balancing Scheme for Modular Multilevel Cascade Converter - Double-Star Chopper-Cells (MMCC-DSCC) Based STATCOM.
IEEE Access, 2019

Techno-Economic Evaluation of Mixed AC and DC Power Distribution Network for Integrating Large-Scale Photovoltaic Power Generation.
IEEE Access, 2019

Integrated Configuration and Optimization of Electric Vehicle Aggregators for Charging Facilities in Power Networks With Renewables.
IEEE Access, 2019

A Novel Fault-Tolerant Control Method for Modular Multilevel Converter with an Improved Phase Disposition Level-Shifted PWM.
Proceedings of the IECON 2019, 2019

Data-Driven Dynamic Modeling of Coupled Thermal and Electric Outputs of Microturbines.
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A Reliability Assessment Approach for Integrated Transportation and Electrical Power Systems Incorporating Electric Vehicles.
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Time-Delay Stability Analysis for Hybrid Energy Storage System With Hierarchical Control in DC Microgrids.
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A semi-supervised approximate spectral clustering algorithm based on HMRF model.
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A K-AP Clustering Algorithm Based on Manifold Similarity Measure.
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A Nyström spectral clustering algorithm based on probability incremental sampling.
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Analysis and control of DAB based DC-AC multiport converter with small DC link capacitor.
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A Novel Dominant Mode Estimation Method for Analyzing Inter-Area Oscillation in China Southern Power Grid.
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Study on density peaks clustering based on k-nearest neighbors and principal component analysis.
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Approximate normalized cuts without Eigen-decomposition.
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An Adaptive Density Data Stream Clustering Algorithm.
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Data-driven dynamic prediction of interrelated heat and electric outputs of microturbines.
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Computational Science in Smart Grids and Energy Systems.
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Self-Tuning p-Spectral Clustering Based on Shared Nearest Neighbors.
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Research on data stream clustering algorithms.
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The latest research progress on spectral clustering.
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Research of semi-supervised spectral clustering algorithm based on pairwise constraints.
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Spectral Clustering with Neighborhood Attribute Reduction Based on Information Entropy.
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A Method to Determine Oscillation Emergence Bifurcation in Time-Delayed LTI System with Single Lag.
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Granular neural networks.
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Research of semi-supervised spectral clustering based on constraints expansion.
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A Feature Weighted Spectral Clustering Algorithm Based on Knowledge Entropy.
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Dynamic frequency control of autonomous microgrid based on family-friendly controllable loads.
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A novel method to optimize the active crowbar resistance for low voltage ride through operation of doubly-fed induction generator based on wind energy.
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Performance Analysis of Cognitive Transmission in Dual-Cell Environment and its Application to Smart Meter Communications.
Proceedings of the 2012 Seventh International Conference on Broadband, 2012

Fast assessment of regional voltage stability based on WAMS.
Proceedings of the IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems, 2008

Visualization tool for transient stability monitoring of bulk power systems based on DSR.
Proceedings of the IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems, 2008

Interface control based on power flow tracing and generator re-dispatching.
Proceedings of the IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems, 2008