Jamel Nebhen

According to our database1, Jamel Nebhen authored at least 48 papers between 2011 and 2023.

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AI-enabled radiologist in the loop: novel AI-based framework to augment radiologist performance for COVID-19 chest CT medical image annotation and classification from pneumonia.
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ASER analysis of generalized hexagonal QAM schemes for NOMA systems over Nakagami-<i>m</i> fading channels.
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Pulse Jamming in Aperture-Averaged FSO Receiver Over Exponentiated Weibull Fading Channel.
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Artificial Intelligence-Based Energy Efficient Communication System for Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Driven VANETs.
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Is it Really Easy to Detect Sybil Attacks in C-ITS Environments: A Position Paper.
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Blockchain-Based Solution for Detecting and Preventing Fake Check Scams.
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An Executable Formal Model of the VHDL in Isabelle/HOL.
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A cooperative crowdsensing system based on flying and ground vehicles to control respiratory viral disease outbreaks.
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Performance Assessment of Certain Machine Learning Models for Predicting the Major Depressive Disorder among IT Professionals during Pandemic times.
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Energy Efficient Throughput Aware Traffic Load Balancing in Green Cellular Networks.
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Long-Term Techno-Economic Analysis of Sustainable and Zero Grid Cellular Base Station.
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ElStream: An Ensemble Learning Approach for Concept Drift Detection in Dynamic Social Big Data Stream Learning.
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A High Linear and Temperature Compensation Ring Voltage-Controlled Oscillator for Random Number Generator.
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