Jean-Charles Créput

According to our database1, Jean-Charles Créput authored at least 43 papers between 2002 and 2021.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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Component-based 2-/3-dimensional nearest neighbor search based on Elias method to GPU parallel 2D/3D Euclidean Minimum Spanning Tree Problem.
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A Systematic Algorithm for Moving Object Detection with Application in Real-Time Surveillance.
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NCC Based Correspondence Problem for First- and Second-Order Graph Matching.
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Multiple k -opt evaluation multiple k -opt moves with GPU high performance local search to large-scale traveling salesman problems.
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GPU implementation of Borůvka's algorithm to Euclidean minimum spanning tree based on Elias method.
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Using Entropy and Marr Wavelets to Automatic Feature Detection for Image Matching.
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Massive 2-opt and 3-opt Moves with High Performance GPU Local Search to Large-Scale Traveling Salesman Problem.
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Spiral Search Method to GPU Parallel Euclidean Minimum Spanning Tree Problem.
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Moving Object Detection and Tracking Based on Three-Frame Difference and Background Subtraction with Laplace Filter.
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Matlab GUI Application for Moving Object Detection and Tracking.
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A massively parallel neural network approach to large-scale Euclidean traveling salesman problems.
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Cellular matrix model for parallel combinatorial optimization algorithms in Euclidean plane.
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Massively Parallel Cellular Matrix Model for Superpixel Adaptive Segmentation Map.
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Massively parallel cellular matrix model for self-organizing map applications.
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Le problème de la patrouille multiagent. Étude de convergence de l'évaluation des stratégies cycliques.
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Un framework organisationnel et multi-agent pour la conception de métaheuristiques.
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A Coalition-Based Metaheuristic for the vehicle routing problem.
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Hybridation de métaheuristiques pour la résolution distribuée de problèmes d'optimisation spatialisés. (Hybrid métaheuristics for distributed solving of euclidean optimization problems).
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Self-organization and Evolution Combined to Address the Vehicle Routing Problem.
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