Jean-Pierre Banâtre

According to our database1, Jean-Pierre Banâtre authored at least 53 papers between 1977 and 2018.

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Towards Enforcement of the EU GDPR: Enabling Data Erasure.
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Fault Tolerant Autonomic Computing Systems in a Chemical Setting.
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Developing Autonomic and Secure Virtual Organisations with Chemical Programming.
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Architecture-based Exception Handling.
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Subsidiaries and start-up Spin-off companies of Inria.
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it - Informationstechnik, 1988

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Construction of a Distributed System Supporting Atomic Transactions.
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A Cooperation Scheme for Parallel Compilation.
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A Network for the Detection of Words in Continuous Speech.
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Parallélisme et programmation fonctionnelle à la Backus.
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Constructing parallel programs and their termination proof.
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A systolic algorithm for connected word recognition.
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A Multiprocessing Approach to Compile-Time Symbol Resolution.
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Parallel structures for vector processing.
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